My Instalife: 12/7 – 12/20

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Instalife 12:21 1

1. I added a new color combination of tree skirt in the Etsy shop, you can find it here.

2. Every morning when I’m getting ready for work, Weezy lays outside the bathroom door so we moved her dog bed right outside there and she has a little faux fur throw in there. She gives me that saddest face when I’m drying my hair {she loves the heat} so seriously every morning I’m there, blow drying my dog while she sits in her bed in the lap of luxury, LOL!

3. I came home one day and went to make a quick lunch and saw that this is how my husband decided to label his hard-boiled egg!

4. This was a project I was working on last week, it’s a Christmas gift so I can’t spill too many details but I will be posting on it soon… I love the mix of bright colors and patterns here!

5. In case you missed it, make sure you check out my post for this burnt caramel bourbon ice cream!

6. This was my set up for an afternoon of making some woodgrain painted wrapping paper for some of our families gifts, you can get the DIY tutorial here.

Instalife 12:21 2

1. We have been getting absolutely hammered with snow the last week or so, we got over two feet in 3 days and it was horrendous for a week straight! This day it had finally let up so we set out to run a bunch of errands and we ended up getting stuck in a lake effect band of snow on the way home and it took us over an hour to make a 15 minute drive… we were just happy to make it home at that point!

2. This is also a gift for a lucky member of my family but these potholders were too cute to not share a sneak peek! I’ll post more on it after Christmas!

3. When I say that I’ve had zero time to do anything lately… I mean it! This night my husband and I worked 9-5, ran out to get the last of our Christmas shopping done and then spent the whole night until we went to bed baking cookies for a wedding shower!

4. If you missed my post from earlier in the week, there’s still time for you to make these Christmas “Cookies” for the four-legged members on your list!

5. Do yourself a favor and add these Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies to your Christmas cookie collection… they are so delicious and easy!!

6. We made my great-grandmother’s sugar cookies this week for our bosses! Also, if you like chocolate and a little bit of spice, then these Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies are the perfect recipe to try!