Woodgrain Painted Wrapping Paper

Woodgrain Wrapping

Every year we pick a sort of theme while decorating our home for Christmas and then we base all of our wrapping paper off of that. The first year we moved in it was all reds & golds, the next year it was a peppermint theme, last year it was silver & gold glitter. This year we picked an outdoorsy theme in whites and silvers – think white washed tree branches, glittery deer figurines and wood grain prints. We did find a few really nice pre-made wrapping papers with woodgrain print but I thought it would be fun trying to find a way to make some myself. I found a woodgrain rocker by Martha Stewart and was skeptical that it would be as easy as it looked via the videos I dig up online. I went to the hardware store and after playing around with different mixes of paints and glazes, I realized that not only is this simple but it looks stunning! I have painted wrapping paper for our gifts and also incorporated it into some of our decor around the house. Use this DIY to really wow your friends and family by hand-making the wrapping for their gifts! I plan on adding some fresh greenery tied to the ribbons on our packages wrapped in this and then add some clay ornaments tags with everyone’s names imprinted on them!

You can find the woodgrain rocker here. I found it easiest to mix paint with a glaze {it thins the paint without diluting the pigment} so I also picked up this mercury colored glaze. I mixed equal parts acrylic paint with this glaze and it worked great, I also used the glaze on its own which worked wonderfully because the shimmery white-washed look went well with our theme, but for this DIY post I mixed it with these watercolors because a little drop of it with the glaze gave a strong color.

Woodgrain Wrapping

1. Cut a piece of brown paper the size you need to wrap your gift. I got this paper from the dollar store {it’s shipping paper} but you can use any color base. Use a paint stirrer to mix up your glaze and pour out a small amount. If you’re going to mix a color with your glaze, add it to the glaze now. If using acrylic paint then mix equal parts paint with the glaze. If using watercolors, just a little drop will do the job.

2. Mix the color into the glaze. {For the green design I used “sap green“, “crimson” for the red packaging and just the glaze for the silvery looking one}.

3. Use a paint brush to paint a very thin layer of your glaze/paint mix onto your paper in about a 3″ wide strip.

4. Take your rocker and drag it down the strip of paint on your paper while applying a slight pressure and rocking the rocker while you go. While you rock it, it makes different patterns so play around a little bit. If you’re not happy with your first try, use the paint brush to paint back over it and trying again!

5. Once you’ve finished the first strip, wash off your rocker and dry completely so that all the grooves are cleaned out the ensure the next strip will get the most woodgrain look possible.

6. Paint another strip right next to the previous one and repeat. Continue until the whole paper is painted with the woodgrain and then allow time to dry. This glaze takes quite a while to dry, I like to paint them and let them dry overnight to ensure it’s completely dry!

This technique would be fun for cards or even on fabric for throw pillows {which I’m hoping to try out this weekend}.  I even think it would be fantastic to paint this woodgrain on an accent wall in your house!