My Instalife: 11/23 – 12/6

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Instalife 12:7

1. There is seriously no substitute for real vanilla beans from a pod in a recipe, the flavor is unreal. I was making some burnt caramel bourbon ice cream for Thanksgiving and added even more intense flavor by soaking this vanilla bean in bourbon for a few days first. I hope to post on the ice cream next week! You can get the post on the ice cream recipe here!

2. Home Depot featured my burlap ruffle tree skirt on their favorite DIY holiday projects board on Pinterest a couple week’s ago!

3. I hope some of you got to use my Thanksgiving Leftovers recipes last week!

4. I wanted to switch up our “mantle” a little bit this year so I had originally bought the LED Fairy Lights that I talked about in my favorite things list from November, which is what you’re seeing here on some branches we’ve been collecting all fall. They ended up not working for the mantle {you can see last year’s mantle here and I’ll do a post in a couple week with all of our Christmas decor} but the branches looked so great on their own they didn’t even need lights!

5. My husband and I decided to do an outdoors-ish theme for our Christmas decor this year. A lot of bringing the outdoors inside and we decided to do woodgrain for all of our gift wrap. We found some great paper at different stores but then I found this amazing woodgrain rocker by Martha Stewart and have started painting our own. This thing is incredible and I am obsessed with how it looks so I will do a tutorial on it soon, you can get the DIY tutorial here!

6. I think this was more of an accident {Sebastian was using Weezy for balance so he could claim the spot higher on the couch} but when I looked over I thought it was too cute not to snap a pic of!

Instalife 12:7 2

1. This was my husband and me on our drive to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving.

2. We did some black friday shopping and the line at Dick’s was crazy both times we went. My dad held us a place in line while we shopped and then once we decided on some items, him and my husband practiced their short game, lol.

3. Weezy lays like this right on my arm whenever I’m working downstairs on my lap top. It’s adorable but also a little hard since I can’t move my arm!

4. Have you seen my Favorite Things List from November? There’s lots of great things on there so if you haven’t, make sure you take a peek!

5. We put our tree and most of our decorations up early this year. Since Thanksgiving was so late and the weekend after it is so hectic here, we didn’t want to miss out on it. I love our tree… I put double the amount of lights necessary and we deck it out with all the silver, gold and glittery ornaments we can find. You can see how we do it in this post here, though it’s changed a bit since then!

6. I posted my second video tutorial earlier this week for these clay imprinted ornaments… they’re so inexpensive and easy and I love anything that’s personalized!

INstalife 12:7 3

1. When the time came to order new business cards, I was super excited to get to design something new and fresh. I decided on a black front with gold writing and a completely gold back with black writing. It’s hard to see in this picture but they’re a really shimmery gold and I am in love with how they turned out!

2. On Wednesday of this week we had near-record-breaking high temps so once it reached 63 degrees out and there was a couple hour break in the rain, I couldn’t wait to get outside for a run. I feel like it’s torture every time I’m running on the treadmill at our gym but I LOVE running outside!

3. As I mentioned before, we decided on wrapping all of our gifts in woodgrain paper and this was one of the papers we found at Marshalls. I think it looks so chic with the thick satin ribbon!

4. I made my Winter 2013 Inspirations interest board public last week and it’s full of food, crafts, clothing, decor, etc. ideas so be sure to check it out!

5. This is a Latergram from a cooking class we took with my parents the day after Thanksgiving. It was my mom’s birthday gift and we had so much fun. The theme was healthy in a hurry and we made some amazing dishes! This was my dad and husband working on the filling for our shrimp spring rolls!

6. Sebastian will sit like this for hours until you give him a treat!