Our Thanksgiving

Grandma and I

We had a great Thanksgiving at my parents house on Thursday and are now back at our house with my parents visiting for the weekend. I thought I’d share a little from our day and if you celebrate, I’d love to hear how you all spent yours! 

We had to work Wednesday so we woke up early and drove to my parents on Thanksgiving morning. We put together the ingredients for our contributions to the meal… I made a version of the butternut squash croquettes from this post and a brown butter apple crisp with burnt caramel bourbon ice cream {all of which I’ll be posting on soon!}. My grandmother brought her delicious peanut butter chocolate ice cream pie and we made the gravy, potatoes and helped out where we could. My brother came with his new dog and my niece. My aunt and uncle came with lots of goodies {spinach & artichoke dip, sundried tomato & goat cheese crostinis, and a brie & pears dish} and my two little cousins passed out little paper turkeys that they made earlier in the week. We snacked on appetizers and watched football while the dogs and the kids played. We all sat down at the dinner table and enjoyed the food, except for my cousin {who’s 4} who is not a fan of turkey despite my aunt telling him turkey’s a friend of chicken {which he does like}. He asked if you had to cut the turkeys feet and hands off to cook it and my niece {who’s 5} answered “no, you need those to tie together before you cook it!! That was my favorite part of the day because they were too funny and I just love the things that come out of their mouths.

Thanksgiving Collage{from left to right, starting from the top: my brother & my husband, me putting together my apple crisp while wearing my DIY fox apron!, the paper turkeys my cousins made, my mom & grandmother & aunt, my cousin, my mom & my other cousin, my uncle & my grandmother, my aunt and their dog, my grandmother & husband & dad}

After dinner we sat in the living room and watched some more football while trying to make some room before dessert. Here’s a picture of all of us together {including all the dogs!}:


What did you all do for the day… I’d love to hear where you went, what you ate and what your favorite part of the day was!