Old Fashioned Cocktail

Old Fashioned Cocktail

I know many of you are running around doing last minute prep for Thanksgiving {I know I am!} so I thought for today’s post I would share a simple cocktail that I’m sure you’ve all heard of but never tried/made before. My husband introduced these to me, he’d order them when we were out to dinner and last winter we started making them at home in the winter. Bourbon with sugar, bitters, club soda, a cherry and a little burnt orange peel oil – this cocktail is delicious and warming. I love these because they’re meant to be sipped slowly and so just a couple of them are great for a night in watching movies or spending time with friends & family. Follow these easy steps and impress your guests this week with this delicious cocktail!

1. Place a cube of sugar in a high ball glass and shake a couple dashes of aromatic bitters onto it.

2. Pour a splash of club soda onto the sugar cube.

3. Use a muddler to break up the sugar cube and mix everything together.

4. Add a couple of ice cubes {my mom got these round ice cube molds for my husband last Christmas and we love them} and pour in a shot of bourbon.

5. Add a maraschino cherry to the glass.

6. Peel a 4″ strip of orange peel and fold it up so you can squeeze the oils out of it, with the colored side facing out. Use a match and hold it about 1″ under the peel {over the drink} and squeeze the oils out. You’re trying to heat the oil so the slightly burnt taste of the oil falls into the drink. Rub the peel around the rim of the glass {so every time you drink, you get the smell} and then drop the peel into the drink.

Old Fashioned

{When we order these out , a lot of times they will muddle a slice of orange with a couple cherries at the beginning with the sugar cube. If you want something a little less harsh, try making it this way because the orange and cherry juice cuts the bourbon!}

Have another cocktail that you’ve heard of but don’t know how to/have never tried to make? Let me know in the comments so I can do more of these posts for the holidays!


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