Christmas Canvases

Christmas Tree Canvas

Christmas Wreath Canvas

I have been wanting to redecorate our downstairs bathroom for years now but can’t quite figure out what to put in there. To sort of force the issue, my husband and I decided to take everything out of it, decorate it for Christmas and then once the New Year comes we’ll have no choice but to figure out what to do in there.  On the far right, is the only really “open wall space” and previously we have two canvases hanging at staggered heights. I had some leftover blank canvases from last year’s holiday projects and so I thought it would be fun to come up with a couple fun Christmas themed ones for in the bathroom. Our house gets decorated in whites, golds & silvers so I painted one gold and one silver and then came up with these fun wreath and tree designs. I love that something so simple like beads and paper made these really cute canvases that are perfect for any space. You could put these on a mantle, shelves or even give them as gifts!

Start by painting your canvas. Again, I had these leftover {I think they were from AC Moore}. I painted one with this gold leafing paint which I am so obsessed with and one with this metallic Martha Stewart paint in Sterilng. I did one coat on the tops and sides of each canvas, let it sit for a few hours and then painted a second coat of the silver one {the gold didn’t need a second coat.

1. For the tree canvas you’ll need to mark a triangle onto your canvas that can, again, be as big or small as you like. I started a few inches from the bottom, drew a line almost all the way across and then picked the point I wanted my tree to end at and connected all the points. For my tree I used a variety of beads and embellishments, mostly leftover from this DIY. I think it would also be fun to use buttons or anything you like! Start in one corner and slowly build your tree by clustering them fairly close to one another and following the line you drew. I just used a hot glue gun, but if you want to avoid dealing with the strings you can use any craft glue.

2. Continue building out from the your starting corner to fill in the whole tree using your lines as a guide to keep the shape.

3. Once you’ve filled in the tree, you can add a trunk and a star, you could even string some beading on to look like tinsel! I used two rows of three square rhinestones for my trunk!

4. For the wreath canvas, you’ll need to trace a circle in pencil onto your canvas. You can make this as big or as small as you want; I wanted mine to cover the whole canvas so mine was fairly large.

5. My snowflakes are punched out using this Martha Stewart punch on gray paper, but you can use any paper you like {a glitter cardstock might be fun}. Once you have a bunch punched out, you can start gluing them around the circle you marked. I found it easiest to pick a starting point, using hot glue to secure it and then building out around that. I did a row right on the pencil mark and then one on either side until the whole wreath was done

6. Once I reached this point, I decided that I wanted to the wreath to look a little fuller so I continued gluing two more rows inside the circle. I then added a few iridescent silver beads in various spots and glued a pewter ribbon to the top.

Christmas Canvas How To

I think these are a fun and inexpensive way to decorate walls in your home that you might otherwise overlook! Do you guys have any fun DIY canvases for the holidays you’d like to share? Comment below and I will add them to the post!