Change is Good!

As you’ll notice just from visiting this post, Making It With Danielle got a bit of a facelift last night. I made minimal changes to the site to clean things up a bit, make navigating the site easier and make it so the content is the main focus. Everything can be found in the same spots as before, with the addition of a Favorite Things tab in the top menu to help you find all those posts in one place.

I have updated my about & contact page so you can take a peak over there!

I also wanted to tell all of you about a really exciting change that has been taking place for me personally over the last couple of weeks! When I was in college {and for a little while after I graduated} I worked for the Buffalo Bills and it truly was the most exhilarating time in my life. After leaving there to relocate to pursue my husband’s career and then settling back in in New York, I started this blog. While it has been an incredible {& unexpected} ride that has allowed me to express myself creatively in ways I couldn’t have imagined, I have really missed the hustle of working outside of my home and most of all, working for the Buffalo Bills. I am lucky enough to have been granted to opportunity to re-join the organization, in a part-time position, and had my first full week this past week. I am beyond thrilled to be back and truly feel like I am “at home” there!

While this is an exciting time for me professionally, I also have to acknowledge that it will impact the time that I am able to commit to this blog. My plan for the time being is to do my best to continue posting three times a week {plus a bi-weekly Instalife post} because I know the holidays are the time you all are looking for the most inspiration. I ask that you bear with me if I miss a post or two here or there, and that you stick with me while things may pull back to two posts a week after the New Year. This will also slightly effect the shipping times for the Etsy shop. Up until now I have been able to ship within 24 business hours of an order because I was working full-time from home. Because I will now be splitting my time, these ship times will more realistically be within 48 business hours. To make up for this, however, most items in the shop offer a 2-Day priority shipping so the packages will get to you faster anyways!

I hope you enjoy the new look and will continue to support me through this slight transition! As I have mentioned on Facebook & Twitter, I am going to start my holiday posts this coming week so please email me with things you want to over the next month or so! I have created a new section in the Etsy shop {Fall Sale} and if you use coupon code FALL25 between now and 12/1, receive 25% off any item in that section!