My Instalife: 10/26 – 11/8

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Instalife 11:9

1. A couple weekends ago my husband was working the Friday night shift so I thought it would be a good night to cook my apple braised turkey for dinner so we could sit down to something delicious when he got home. I used one 2lb turkey breast instead of two thighs to make this a little healthier and I served it with some roasted parsley sweet potatoes and green beans!

2. My husband’s office had a decorating contest for Halloween and so we spent a lot of the weekend a couple weekends ago shopping for supplies and making some fun decorations. His team was going for a Hitchcock/Graveyard theme so we got the black crows I linked to in this Halloween Decor Post and some grave markers. We also splattered a shower curtain with a mix of red paint and water and dressed a skeleton in a old lady’s nightgown and a wig for a Psycho reference. His team ended up winning and we had fun making some things!

3. For whatever reason we have two trees in our front yard that hadn’t started changing color at all yet. One morning last week when I woke up and looked out our bathroom window I was shocked because overnight, it looked like this! The sky was so blue and the leaves so yellow it looked incredible!

4. I always keep an eye out for the vintage books at our thrift store because sometimes they have crazy good finds. I was excited to find an old edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette book to go in my office on top of the newest edition that I already have and while flipping through the pages I found these dried flowers!

5. My husband’s office also decided to dress up for Halloween and I suggested he be Gus Fring from Breaking Bad. The night before, I used the same recipe as the candy apples to make some “blue sky meth” to go with the costume. I added to much food coloring and it was darker than I would have liked but I thought it was hilarious none the less!

6. This was my husband on Halloween (on the left side and the bottom right) dressed as Gus (top right). I made his Los Pollos Hermanos button and bag with the “meth” in it and we found the perfect glasses for him. I couldn’t stop laughing every time I saw him!

Instalife 11:9 2

1. My mom had a work conference in Chicago all last week and so my dad came in to town last Friday night when she flew back in so they could spend my mom’s birthday weekend at our house. We went to dinner at PF Changs on the way in from the airport (omg, their current seasonal menu was SO good!) and then had some cosmos back at home while we watched a little tv.

2. I have started adding Christmas items to the Etsy shop (I know, thinking about Christmas already is CRAZY!). Last weekend I added the burlap tree skirts, ruffle santa wreaths and customizable sets of Christmas cards! Keep checking the shop every Saturday because I’m going to be adding lots and lots of inventory each week! 

3. On my mom’s birthday, she chose TCBY for lunch which is always a good time for me! This was my dad while we ate.

4. This was my mom and I right before we headed out to her birthday dinner at her favorite restaurant!

5. I LOVE seasonal menus in the fall because I literally love all the seasonal produce that comes with this time of year. Every time we go out I can never decide on what I want so I pick two things and my husband orders the other and we end up sharing. For this dinner we got a double cut rosemary pork chop with gorgonzola and apples baked on top and rosemary shrimp over pesto spaghetti squash with pine nuts and fresh tomatoes!

6. We had a bit of an issue with our not-even-two-years-old washer (aka I washed a chenille blanket and it broke) my dad spent ALL day last Saturday taking it apart and trying to fix it with our “help” (aka standing there watching because we are not handy lol). After giving up Saturday night before dinner and vowing not to speak of it and ruin any more of my mom’s birthday, we didn’t think about it again until Sunday. I asked my dad to put it back together so when we got the new one they could take this one away and once we did it magically worked again haha. While waiting for him to put it back together I took one of the extra house clamps and made this bracelet which I’m obsessed with!

Instalife 11:9 3

1. Earlier in the week I posted my DIY Give Thanks Banner. I love having this in our house, it’s a constant reminder not to forget what this time of year is truly all about!

2. Weezy had her annual vet appointment so that meant Sampson got to break out for a morning and be her road dog. She did great but she does have to go in to get her teeth cleaned and a couple pulled. Anyone else have to do this with a smaller breed dog? Sebastian doesn’t have any issues but we have to brush Weezy’s every night and she still has issues!

3. If you missed it on Wednesday, make sure you check out my Mussels + Frittes post. We ate it again last night at The Lodge with our friend who’s in town from Miami!

4. I am trying my best to keep the Burlap Ruffle Tree Skirts in stock in the Etsy shop! They take so long to make and I am juggling a million different things right now, but bear with me! This is the newest version and I am LOVING it!

5. Sebastian was being extra cuddly yesterday morning so I prolonged my coffee time before work to spend with him!

6. If you need some inspiration for Thanksgiving decor, then make sure you check out my post from yesterday. It’s got tons of ideas for outdoors, indoors and your dinner table. I’m working on a post for Wednesday with all the food inspiration you can handle so be on the lookout for that!