Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Now that Thanksgiving is fast approaching I thought it would be a good time to do some inspiration for your decor! I’ll include ideas for outdoors, indoors and your tables plus share some crafts and ideas that I’ve already done. Next week I’ll do a post on food and cocktail ideas so you’ll be all set come the big day! Feel free to include some links to your Thanksgiving decor DIY projects and I will start linking within the posts to share even more ideas this holiday season! 

Let’s start with some beautiful decorations for outdoors:

Thanksgiving Outdoor Decor

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1. I love the idea of hanging metal rakes like shelving and adding mini gourds with tea lights in them. You could also hang the rakes like this and hang this or use it to display just about anything!

2. Arranging different fall colors of hydrangeas onto a straw wreath form makes huge first impression on your front door!

3. These purple and green tones are incredible inside of a white pumpkin, very festive and perfect for fall without being so literal!

4. This wreath made from fallen leaves is so breathtaking! I think it would also be cool to use the same idea and make a garland to hand on a front porch railing or around columns.

5. Stringing tiny gourds on a piece of twine adds a really rustic and cute touch to any outdoor space. Think on fencing, above your garage door or even from stakes lining your front walkway!

6. I am really loving burlap this fall and so this combination of the orange color and the chevron is just too cute!

If you need another outdoor decor idea try this dyed corn husk wreath, you can see it updated in this instalife post for fall:


Here’s some ideas for indoor decor that I’m loving:

Thanksgiving Indoor Decor Ideas

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1. I think this would be fantastic for a living room table where everyone is gathering and eating appetizers. Balls of bright green moss and tiny orange pumpkins placed inside a shallow wooden bowl is inviting and colorful enough to really catch people’s attention! You can go one step further by adding tiny tea lights inside the pumpkins like this picture.

2. I really love the tin lanterns that we have because they can literally be used all year round for just about any decoration. I love the idea of metallic flowers and pumpkins spilling out of open lanterns. These would be pretty on side tables, mantles, coffee tables or even your dinner table.

3. I’ve seen these pheasant feather placemats in quite a few stores lately but I think this would be a really inexpensive DIY. They sell big bags of these feathers at craft stores and you could glue them onto a piece of felt in any shape you like. These would be fun on side tables, coffee tables or even at each place at the dinner table.

4. I LOVE the idea of not going so traditional for the flowers you put on display for Thanksgiving. Oranges, browns, greens, yellow are always expected so why not put some anenmones and rununcolus in a vase and wrap it with some birch bark! So chic and you could put these all over!

5. We have a version of this tree on our kitchen table (you can see it here), except I painted the branches gold. I think it would be a fantastic idea to have everyone write what they’re thankful for on a piece of paper and hang it from the tree. That way everyone could read theirs around the dinner table instead of being put on the spot and then once the holiday is over you could keep them each year in a scrapbook!

6. Playing even more off #4, how about floral arrangements like this for the big day?! Such a cool idea to bend the stems into a curve in a skinny rectangular vase and then filling the empty space with a succulent!

If you need some more indoor decor ideas, try some of my DIYS –

This fabric scrap wreath is super cute and looks great hung above a window, in a doorway or on any wall:

Fall Fabric Scrap Wreath

This Give Thanks banner is a great way to remind everyone what the day is all about. Hang it from a mantle, behind a food table or on any wall:

Give Thanks Banner

This Vintage Book Wreath is a really cool way to make a big impact with limited supplies:

Vintage Book Wreath

Here’s some ideas for decorating your dinner table:

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

{image credits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6}

1. This is such a simple idea but I think it looks so chic and you can use any color velvet ribbon to match the rest of your decor.

2. I am obsessed with this place setting! I love the gold rimmed plate and the ikat print napkins but my favorite thing is using artichokes as the place card holder!

3. No one ever said you have do do traditional colors for the dinner table so why not go for pale pink roses and mercury glass vases and votives!

4. I think it would be a really cool idea to cut the trunk of a super skinny tree into different lengths and stack them together in the center of the table. You could mix flowers on them or candles like shown here.

5. Spray some adhesive on baby’s breath and sprinkle it with some gold glitter and you’d have a show stopping centerpiece! Take some dried flowers and spray paint them gold to add to it and the wow factor would be off the charts!

6. Talk about an inexpensive DIY that doesn’t look cheap at all… by spray painting some dry leaves you have really elegant looking place cards!

If you need some more inspiration for your table, try my Wishbone Napkin Ring DIY:

Wishbone Napkin Rings

My Burlap Utensils Holders:

Burlap Utensil Holders