My Favorite Things in October

Fave Things October

1. Silk Pajama Sets. After I got these in the leopard print last winter, I can’t get enough of these sets for the colder months. I also have some of these sets which are a little more budget friendly (I remove the ties around the waist because I’m not sure why you’d want a sash around your waist while you’re sleeping).

2. Brianna’s Champagne Caper Vinaigrette. My mom’s friend brought this to a dinner one time and I forgot all about it until our grocery store recently started carrying it and it is AWESOME! I love using it with #17.

3. Michael Kors Down Vest. I randomly found a version of this last year at Marshall’s and loved it and as each day is starting to be colder than the last, I have already been using mine a ton this season. It can go with sweats but also can be worn with jeans and boots (like #15). It’s warm but not too bulky and the one I have has curved ruching so you don’t look like a whale like most puffer vests plus the hood is perfect for rain or snow! I can’t find the exact one I have online but this newer version is really similar and on sale!

4. H&M Home Online. I don’t know if this is something new or something they’ve had for a while but I just discovered it. They have SO many great items for the home (pillows, throws, table runners, decor, etc) and it’s so reasonably priced! I have a bunch pinned to my Winter Inspirations board I’m working on in Pinterest so once that goes lives you can see my fave items!

5. Project Runway All Stars. There isn’t much on tv these days that gets me excited to watch it but this is one exception. I love the all-star seasons because they’ve all been there before, learned, grown and are ready to kick butt. I was obsessed with Mychael Knight way back in the day during his season and Christopher was my favorite his season… he makes me laugh so hard!

6. Cole Haan Kiltie Oxford Bootie. I don’t even know how this happened but at the beginning of the month I spotted these in Marshall’s for $69.99 and I got them, checked online and saw that they were currently on the cole haan site selling for $450. I don’t know why these were in the store or why they were that price and quite frankly I don’t care they are incredible. Of course, they sold out VERY quickly but you can still grab them in this blue and black color combo.

7. Mean Green Juice. You can see my entire post about our juicer and my have recipes here but I have to say this is still my saving grace. If we go off track for a weekend or I just feel a little sluggish, I swap out a meal for this juice and I am feeling better in no time! 

8. Old Navy Slim-Fit Half Zip Running Shirts. My mom and I did some shopping earlier in the month and she bought us some of these and I haven’t stopped wearing mine! They have many more colors in stores and are always on sale so they’re a great deal. They’re lightweight but warm and they have the yoga thumb holes which is such a bonus for me. The heavy stitched princess seams and slim fit make them really flattering and are a must have for the fall/winter!

9. DIY Lattes. As you know, I’m as big of a Starbucks fan as anyone but we all know it’s cheaper to make things like these yourself! We got this espresso machine as a wedding gift and used it every single day for years. The syrups for the lattes started getting expensive (up to $10 a bottle) so we took a break from lattes until a couple weeks ago when we found these gourmet skinny syrups for $4 at Home Goods. I do a shot of espresso, just 1 tbsp of the syrup (otherwise it’s too sweet) and 1/2 cup of #16 steamed.

10. Night Film by Marisha Pessl. This book was so good, I wanted to add it to last month’s list but I had a few chapters to go and I wanted to make sure the ended was as good as I was hoping before I spoke too soon! I really enjoyed this book, it reminded me of a wild dateline episode and took you on a real ride. It’s long but was worth it and I am a really picky reader.

11. Charming Charlie Online. Ever since the spring when I first discovered charming charlie I wished the sold online since the closest one to us is 3 hours away. Well I finally got what I wanted because they now sell online which I think is amazing!

12. Turbinado Sugar. This is my best kept secret, but it’s too good not to share. I don’t use this for coffee or baking, I used it as an exfoliant and it’s unreal. Every couple of weeks starting in the fall through the winter I bring a dish of it into the shower and mix it with just a touch of body wash and scrub all over. It’s a little painful but once you realize how much dead skin it gets rid of and how soft your skin is you’ll realize it’s worth it!

13. Tumaro’s NY Deli Style Pumpernickel Wraps. I love sandwiches but I always feel like the bread is such a waste of my calorie allotment for that meal and since I like veggie sandwiches it just seems like a waste. We found these a couple weeks ago and while they’re expensive they’re worth it. They’re low cal, low carb and are awesome for me to pack full of any veggie we have in the fridge at the time!

14. Gossip Girl. I didn’t originally start watching Gossip Girl until the 3rd season starting airing on tv but once I did, I was hooked. It sort of replaced my NYC fix I used to get from Sex & the City. I started re-watching the series before bed each night and am about midway through season 5 right now. I love everything about it, especially the fashions and the hot spots all over NYC!

15. Quilted Leather Riding Boots. I know that these flat knee-high boots were really big last year but I just couldn’t get on board, I hate wearing flats… I like to either wear sneakers or heels. I have been obsessed with anything quilting leather this season so when I saw these I couldn’t resist getting them. I love that they look great with jeans and leggings or with tights and a dress or skirt!

16. Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. Last month I had Silk almond milk on my list and one of you suggested this brand because I was having issues with the sweetness. I am SO thankful because this stuff is so much better! It was harder to find (just in a different section of the grocery store) but it was cheaper too! I love it in my cereal, tea, coffee, lattes, etc!

17. Stilton Cheese with Cranberries. One night when we really didn’t feel like cooking, my husband and I decided to just do a big salad with cheese, fruit, nuts and #2. We always get feta or goat cheese so we wanted to try something new and we picked this…. omg it’s SO good! We did mixed greens with orange slices, almonds, this cheese, celery, onions, and the vinaigrette. I’m thinking this would be fantastic incorporated into some sort of appetizer for Thanksgiving!

18. Simplicity & Cynthia Rowley Pattern 1873. Last week I was so burnt out from work I took two days off from everything except posting and holed up in the sewing studio to work on a dress just for fun. I’ve had this pattern for a while and was planning to make the dress on the model but for whatever reason the plain cap sleeve dress on the package caught my eye and I decided to make that one. It took the full two days because there were a total of 14 darts between the bodice front and the sleeves and I choose to line the whole dress instead of just the bodice and I drafted my own skirt but the “end result” was so worth it. I put that in quotations because I still need to add a zipper and hem it (and I’m decided on whether or not to add a quilted leather border along the bottom because it’s so short) but I’m already in love and think it’s the perfect dress for fall/winter!

19. Carmex Lip Balm. I have to thank my mom for this one because growing up it was always all over in our house. I have tried dozens of lip balms and this by far is the best one. It’s soothing and works wonders in the cold weather and it even gives a nice clear sheen that makes it look fantastic over a lipstick. Seriously, no matter how chapped your lips are this stuff is amazing!

20. Annie’s Cinnamon Bunny Grahams. A few years ago when I went vegan for a summer I lived off these and totally forgot about them. I have been trying to always get different things so I’m not always eating the same things everyday so while racking my brain to think of new snack ideas I remembered these and was SO glad!