Mike Wazowski Shirt

Mike Wazowski Shirt

As promised in my Instalife post from this weekend, I wanted to get this tutorial up for the Mike Wazowski shirt I made my cousin for his Monster’s University themed birthday party. I even did you guys one better by making a printable PDF template with all the shapes that I made from much trial & error taking all the hard steps out of the equation. If you’re a last-minute person and find yourself in need of a quick costume, whether it be for your child or even yourself, all you need for this is a t-shirt and some felt! If you don’t sew or just don’t have the time, you can choose to glue the pieces on too making this one of the easiest costume ideas out there!

The first thing you need to do is click on this link for the Mike Wazowski Shirt Template and print onto card stock without fitting to page or changing the size (print as is). You can double check that it printed in the right size by using the 1″ test square in the corner. Cut out the whole mouth and the whole eye at first (later you will cut out the shapes inside of those).

Mike Wazowski Shirt 1-6

1. Trace the whole eye (the outer eye circle) onto a piece of white felt and cut it out. Cut your template to the next circle, trace it onto a piece of blue felt and cut it out. Cut your template to the inner circle, trace it onto black felt and cut it out. Sew or glue the black circle on top of the blue circle.

2. Sew or glue the blue circle on top of white circle and then pin the whole eye centered towards the top of your shirt. I got this shirt at the Hobby Lobby, they have a whole wall of every color & size and they’re always on sale. Sew or glue the eye to the shirt.

3. Trace the whole mouth onto a piece of black felt and cut it out. 

4. Cut the two rows of teeth out from your template, trace them onto a piece of white felt and cut them out.

5. Sew or glue the teeth onto the mouth. If you’re sewing, just stitch along the tops of the teeth because you’ll stitch along the borders of the mouth when you sew it onto the shirt. To get clean lines, sew along the top of one tooth (start at the outermost tooth), stop when you get to the curve in between the teeth, manually put your needle down, lift your presser foot and pivot the felt to start the next tooth. Repeat with all the teeth.

6. Once both sets of teeth are sewn or glued on, center the mouth slightly below the eye on the shirt and then sew or glue to attach it!