My Instalife: 10/12 – 10/25

Instalife 10:26

1. Two weekends ago we went to my parent’s house for the weekend, we went out to dinner one night and these Blue Moons really hit the spot!

2. While we were in town, we celebrated my cousin’s 3rd birthday which was Monster’s University Themed. I made this Mike Wazowski shirt for him, he looked so cute in it! I’ll try to post on this early next week  Find the DIY tutorial with printable template here in case you need a quick and easy DIY Halloween costume idea for kids!

3. Sometimes I take for granted the fact that my parent’s house is literally 2 minutes away from the Southern Tier Brewery. We have a hard time finding their Pumpking beer in our city so we went one night when we were there to get a growler of it to bring back. It was a beautiful night so we sat outside on their patio with my parents and had a great time!

4. After a weekend of pizza, birthday cake, beer and chicken wing dip to say I needed to get back on track was an understatement. I swapped mean green juices in for breakfasts and lunches and was feeling a million times better by mid week! You can read all about our juicer and fave juice recipes in this post.

5. I know it seems so early to be thinking about Christmas but the season ALWAYS gets away from me so this year I am determined to get ahead of it this year instead. We’ve already started our Christmas shopping and some DIY decor and last week I started working on the ruffle burlap tree skirts for the Etsy shop. They take SO long to make and are so much work I figured now is a good time to start… I plan on having them in the shop within the next couple of weeks You can purchase the tree skirts here!

6. Last week we had to turn the heat on for the first time :(. The cold weather really creeped in then and it’s only gotten colder as each day passes here in New York. The dogs will now spend every day fighting over the only heat register that’s on the floor… that’s their favorite because they like to lay on top of it lol. Instalife 10:26 2

1. Last weekend we were determined to go somewhere other than The Lodge for our date night, not because we don’t LOVE the place but because we didn’t want to get stuck in a rut. We ended up choosing Pan America at the Hotel Lafayette downtown because the Sabres game would be on and it’s a neat place with good food. It’s decorated in 1900s decor based on the Pan America Worlds Fair that was held in Buffalo in 1901!

2. Last Sunday was the grand opening of a Home Goods store near our house and it was the first time we’d ever been to one! We ended up getting a few small things here and there (new cutting boards, a notepad for my office, some latte syrups, a meat thermometer) but nothing too exciting because I’m guessing most of the big ticket items were gone! We went after the Bill’s game so it was pretty picked over… I’m excited to go back once they’ve been restocked!

3. I took a break from making lattes at home because the syrups were SO expensive at our grocery store. We were able to find the sugar free syrups at Home Goods for $4 so on Monday morning it was so nice to break out the espresso maker again! I love just 1 tbsp of the syrup (either a caramel or vanilla) mixed with a double shot of espresso and 1/2 cup steamed almond milk!

4. Here’s a shot of my candy apples with some plastic spiders from party city crawling on them… I think they looked so cool!

5. This was when I was working on my Givenchy Lace Mask earlier in the week.

6. One of the hardest things about working from home is the distractions. I went downstairs to grab something from my sewing studio and these two looked like this. I couldn’t resist a little play break with them!

Instalife 10:26 3

1. I have been re-watching all the seasons of Gossip Girl for the last couple months before bed and they were shooting a scene in Park Avenue Autumn and I loved the big trees on the tables. The next day I went out to our yard and gathered up some loose branches on the ground and painted them gold. I put them in a tall vase on top of a gold charger in the middle of our kitchen table and love the way it looks. Such an easy and free project but it brings a little outdoors in which I love!

2. It’s been a long time since I re-stocked the chain headpieces in the Etsy shop and since they were all sold out, I figured I would do them all at one time!

3. This is the finished version of the Givenchy Lace mask, you can get the DIY here.

4. The bunches of Kale at our grocery store from the local farms are SO big. I can’t use them all in my juices so I have been making kale chips with the leftovers. If you haven’t made them before they’re so simple! In the time it takes you to make a sandwich or whatever else you’re eating for lunch they can be done! Preheat to 350 and toss 3c kale (torn into bite sized pieces) with 1 tsp olive oil and season with s&p. Bake for 12 minutes and enjoy!

5. We have a hard time finding sweaters that hold up after wear and washing with the dogs, and I don’t have enough time to make them all for her. A few years ago we got some for her from a groomers near my parents house and they were so well made and are still like new after all this time. My mom was kind enough to take some time out of her crazy busy week this week to stop by there and pick some out for Weezy. They came in the mail yesterday and Weezy loves them!

6. My husband worked late last night and again this morning so we had a low key night in last night. I made a turkey dinner and we had a couple glasses of wine and started watching the Halloween movies. My mom introduced these to me growing up and now it’s my fall tradition… I don’t feel like it’s really fall until I’ve watched them!