DIY Givenchy Lace Mask

Givenchy Mask

At the beginning of the year, I instagramed a screenshot from my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie, How To Steal a Million. I mentioned in that post that I was obsessed with the Givenchy lace mask she’s wearing in the picture above and that I’d made a sleep mask mimicking it. The mask is black lace over nude silk so it looks see-through but is backed with black silk so no light can get through  (I plan on doing a post on the sleep masks during the holidays as it would make a great gift!) so it’s not exactly like the one in the movie. I have gotten so many emails since the instalife post asking if I have a DIY version of this mask or if I sell them in the Etsy shop and I thought with Halloween coming up it would be a perfect time to make the real thing and share it with all of you! After digging around online I realize there are no DIYs of this yet that I could find, just some lace trim on elastic so I set about making it myself from scratch. This took some trial and error but after making a few I came up with the DIY version in the picture above and I LOVE IT! I think this would be amazing for a New Year’s Eve Masquerade Party too so if you don’t want to use this for Halloween, keep it in mine for then! 

Givenchy Lace Mask 1-6

1. Print the mask template by opening the Givenchy Mask Template PDF and printing onto card stock, without resizing or fitting to the page (just print as is) and double-check it prints in the right size using the square in the corning which should be 1″x1″. Cut out the template and pin it to your lace then cut out your piece of lace using the template as your guide. I used this lace and you only need a quarter of a yard!

2. Next, you’ll need to prepare your piping. I used a scalloped leather piping (it’s new and not online but is in stores it’s Simplicity, in the trims section and the product # is 070659900167, you’ll need one yard) and the first time I made a mask I left the rope in it and it wouldn’t lay flat. I found it much easier (and better looking in the end) to remove the rope and cut the leather at the fold. Do this by using a seam ripper to remove the stitching that the piping comes with and removing the rope. Use scissors to remove the extra leather that wrapped around the back.

3. Using the holes from where the stitching we removed was before, use a needle and thread to sew the trim onto the mask around the outside border, starting at the middle of the top of the mask, with the scallop design facing out. I sewed this by hand because it would’ve been too hard to try and pin the thin leather to the lace and not have it slip… it really didn’t take as long as I thought it would because the holes were already there to guide me!

4. Once you reach your starting point, overlap one scallop and cut your trim, then make sure you sew over the seam to keep it flat.

5. At this point, the trim is all sewn on but mine was really curled up and I couldn’t get it to lay flat. I ended up using my machine to top stitch all around the trim to get it to lay perfectly flat.

6. Now you can place the mask on your face and mark with pins where you want the straps to go. I used this black lace trim and you can cut your ties as long as you like but I got a 1 yard piece and cut it in half for two 18″ ties. Use your hand needle and follow the same stitching from before to attach the straps.