My Instalife: 9/28 – 10/11

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Instalife 10:12

1. A few years ago, I went on a wine tour with family & friends all over Western NY and one of the stops was incredible but I never got the name of it. A few weeks ago I was asking around and got the names of the best places to go for apple picking in the fall and when someone mentioned Becker Farms and all the things they had there I realized it was the place I had loved so much from the wine tour! We went two weekends ago on the most PERFECT day of weather and enjoyed some of their beer, we picked apples from the orchard, ate fresh baked apple cider donuts and just enjoyed absolutely everything they had to offer there!

2. The next morning we enjoyed the apple cider donuts from the farm that are rolled in cinnamon and sugar, they were SO good with our coffee!

3. Ever since our dogs were puppies, they have loved being outside in the fall. They chase the leaves as they blow around and I think the fact that it’s cooler without being cold makes it the ideal temperature for them. This was Sebastian a couple weekends ago on high alert over a squirrel in our backyard.

4. In case you missed it, I posted my favorite things from September last week!

5. One day last week I noticed a big jump in the site’s view numbers and realized the Kale and Quinoa Patties post was getting even more views than normal (it usually gets the most views each day). I hate that Word Press shows you the referrals are coming from Facebook but not from which specific page, so I knew someone had posted it but I didn’t know who. As the day continued and the jump continued by the thousands-more-than-usual, I asked on Facebook if anyone knew where it was coming from and thankfully you guys helped me out and let me know that Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods had shared the recipe for National Kale Day and then the Farmer’s Almanac had re-posted it!

6. It seems that ever since we converted the basement in to my sewing studio, I have been too busy to do any “for fun” projects! That is still the case and I was working on these potholders for the Etsy shop!

Instalife 10:12 2

1. This is a close-up of my apple cider cupcakes that I posted (my first!) video recipe on last week! 

2. One of the things that I love about working from home is that my schedule is so flexible. The weather was really bad last week and so I was happy that whenever there was a couple hour break in the rain, I could go for a run. This day was crazy because it was overcast and looked so cold out but it was 75 degrees out!

3. On any given weekend, this is how you can find Weezy!

4. Last Saturday was my husband’s birthday and while we had plans to go out that night, we wanted to get out and do something different in the morning. He has this amazing line of trees in front of his office and I was waiting to go photograph them until they were fully changed in color but I knew we were going to be getting days of rain and heavy winds so I thought that morning would be a good time to go photograph them. Boy was I right, it was an overcast day but the leaves looked incredible! We also took an “off-the-beaten-path” walk down to a part of the beach and wandered around for a couple of hours, which was super creepy because of the weather and how deserted it was but it was also crazy peaceful and beautiful! I have added some prints of my photographs from that day in to the shop, you can see them all here.

5. These two spend 99% of their time fighting with each other over food, treats, attention and toys so when they’re actually cuddling with each other it just melts my heart!

6. Today my aunt & uncle are having a Monster’s University party for my cousin’s 3rd birthday party. My cousins are SO spoiled, they have millions of toys, so I thought I would make him cookies as our gift instead another toy… I had so much fun making these, I’ll post on the finished product soon!

Instalife 10:12 3

1. The last few days here have been perfect weather! Warm and sunny and one evenings on our runs we have been able to see across the lake to downtown! This was Tuesday night and the sun was so bright as it was setting and there was no one on the beach, it was so beautiful!

2. I had a lot of fun putting together a post with loads of Halloween inspiration earlier in the week. If you’re looking for outdoor/indoor decor ideas, tablescape ideas or menu items – make sure you check it out!

3. We still had so many apples left from our trip to Becker Farms (see picture 1 in the first set) and I knew one way to get to use all of them up before they went bad would be in an apple pie. I used my classic apple pie recipe and used a variety of jonamac, granny smith, macintosh and gala apples. The hardest part was not cutting into it once out of the oven…. I made it to take with us out of town this weekend!

4. If you missed my Corn and Chorizo Fritters post on Thursday, make sure you check it out now! They’d be perfect to make for football watching this weekend!

5. I mentioned Sampson for the first time in this instalife post from the spring, he was Weezy’s favorite toy when she was a puppy. Once we got Sebastian, aka the toy destroyer, we put him up and only bring him out if she’s sick or going to the vet and needs comforting. I was packing to head to my parents this weekend and Sebastian was sleeping downstairs so she got some time with him!

6. As I mentioned in my favorite things post from August, I have started writing articles for Pro Player Insiders about the NFL. You can check out my latest article here!