My Instalife: 8/30 – 9/13

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Instalife 9:14

1. This was a couple weekends ago when we tried making chicken pot pies from scratch for the first time, they turned out great {you can view the post on them here}! The coolest part was you cooked a whole chicken like you would a stock and then you shredded the chicken and got to keep a ton of stock from it… love recipes like this, I call them “two-fors”!

2. On our running route, we hit a really short patch off the road where there’s a sidewalk that’s sort of like a tunnel through big trees. This one is my favorite, it’s right in front of an older couple’s home that has a great front porch where they sit on rockers and cheer us on some nights! The leaves here are already starting to change colors so I had to stop and snap a pic this afternoon on our way back home!

3. This was the first set of clay leaves I made and painted for my leaf statement necklace (see the finished DIY necklace here).

4. We spent the weekend two weekends ago decorating for the fall (yes, I know it’s still so early!). This silver tray with some vase filler is on our kitchen table along with a square vase and some fall flowers. You can see some of my fall decor ideas here.

5. The weather here has been so wacky here lately… 60 degrees one day then 90 the next it’s so hard to keep up. This night it was supposed to rain and it ended up clearing up for a few hours in the evening and I was able to get my run in, the beach looked so ominous but cool!

6. A few months before each season begins, I start compiling a list of things that inspire me. I make boards on Pinterest that hold all the images with fashion, food, decor, etc and when I’m feeling stumped as to what to do for my next project, I let my husband pick something off the list. This is my Fall Inspirations board and I keep adding to it when I see things.

Instalife 9:14 2

1. Our dogs seriously crack me up every time I see them they’re tucked in with plush pillows and faux fur throws and sleeping like they’re people. This was Sebastian last week while I was working downstairs.

2. Getting corn off the cob for recipes can be a little tricky and I have seen a lot of different ways to do it, but this is the way I find easiest. I put a dinner plate down and an espresso cup upside down on top of that then balance the ear with the stalk end down on top of it. This way when I run the knife down the ear, it’s elevated enough that I can get all the way to the bottom and the kernels fall right onto the plate! If you have a lot of corn right now like we do, try my Buffalo Corn Chowder HERE or my corn and Heirloom Tomato Tart HERE!

3. When I pulled my Dyed Corn Husk Wreath that I made last year (get the DIY HERE) out of the basement to hang on the door last weekend, it was missing the bow and looking a little sad. My husband and I went to the craft stores and found a cool pick with glittery acorns, leaves and burlap and then three separate glittery leaf picks. I glued them in the wreath instead of using a bow and I LOVE the way it looks! See my other fall outdoor decor ideas HERE.

4. My husband had a bit of a cold last weekend and so we spend most of it making juices packed with citrus and kale and carrots with an extra packet of Emergen-C in it. I was laughing on Saturday when I realized our juice (kale, cucumber, orange, apple, carrots) matched the University of Miami colors, in my water bottle while we watched the game! You can read all about our juicer and favorite recipes HERE.

5. I almost died laughing at THIS Bud Light commercial that played last Sunday during the NFL games. I’m a sucker for quinoa  (THESE Kale & Quinoa Patties are my most popular post) but I picture my husband as the guy in the commercial. “Why does she pack these? I ate one last week and we won, maybe they’re good luck… but they taste like a dirty old tree branch”you have to watch but it had me ROLLING.

6. I am so obsessed with this Leaf Statement Necklace that I made (get the tutorial HERE), I love the way it looks on! I’ve also added one available for purchase to the Etsy shop this morning along with the Louis Vuitton inspired pumpkin, find them HERE!

Instalife 9:14 3

1. When I went to do the post for the Leaf Statement Necklace and searched for a link to the molds, I found THIS newer set in the process. I was crazy about the leaves in that set, so I went out and a coupon with a sale at Joann’s to get it for just $3. I combined some of these leaves with ones from the original set to make this really neat design. You can see the finished necklace at the bottom of THIS post.

2. Behind where I sit at my desk is a huge double window so Weezy likes to sit next to my chair while I’m working in the rays of the sun. I throw a pillow down for her and she keeps one eye on me at all times.

3. I haven’t made sugar cookies in so long because when I do them it’s usually for an event… see my Alice in Wonderland ones HERE, my baby shower one’s HERE and my Valentine’s Day ones HERE. This week I decided to make some just for me and I LOVE how they turned out. Check out my Instagram HERE later in the day and I’ll give you even more of a sneak peek of these before I post on them this week… hint they’re all about the U! See them here up close and get the tutorial HERE.

4. I found the most adorable vintage fox fabric a few weeks ago and knew immediately I wanted to make it into my fall apron for this season. I paired it with a really cute wood grain fabric and made it yesterday, I can’t wait to show you guys the finished product! In the meantime, you can check out my vintage style fall aprons HERE or if you’re looking for something a little more flirty, my lace ruffle apron HERE.

5. Yesterday it was FREEZING and rainy here. My husband and I have had a little Friday night routine the last few weeks of grabbing pumpkin spice lattes, doing our grocery shopping, cooking dinner together then watching a movie but it seemed to dreary of a day for that yesterday after work. We decided to grab ingredients for Apple Bourbon Mojitos (get the recipe HERE) and bring dinner home. The mojitos were the perfect thing to cuddle up on the couch with and we ended up watching season one of Flipping Out (I can’t believe I’m just discovering this show now, we love it!).

6. I found this metallic copper pumpkin at AC Moore a few weeks ago while we were out searching for pick for the corn husk wreath. It was so cheap and the perfect size for my trunk cube table (see those HERE) so I swapped out my vase with fresh flowers with this for the fall!