My Instalife: Weeks of 8/17 – 8/30

Instalife 8:31

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1. I updated THIS post on our Master Bedroom to show a couple updates as well as the bedding we FINALLY picked out!

2. This is how you can find our dog’s most evenings, swaddled in a blanket sound asleep… they live the life!

3. I got a head-start a couple of weeks ago with my fall projects and planned to dye this thrifted lace table runner a cranberry color to use as a centerpiece on our kitchen table. The dye didn’t take (maybe it was the material?) and it turned into an orangish pink lol… anyone have better luck dying lace?

4. We have suede on our dining chairs and I always love when I walk into the room and Sebastian looks at me like “of course I wasn’t up on the chair” and then then I see his paw print on it.

5. Another look at the plexiglass gallery frames we made for our bathroom, see more pics and get the tutorial HERE.

6. When I posted this it was the first of the rumbling that they’d be performing. It was such a short reunion that I’m happy I DVR-ed it and watched the next morning but it still made the 14  year old me grin like an idiot!

Instalife 8:31 2

1. This quinoa salad with squash, pistachio and mint was SO good (get the recipe HERE), I can’t wait to make it again!

2. As mentioned in the set of pictures above, this was Sebastian later in the week.

3. Last week the morning before we went out of town I had a million things to do but Halloween H20 being on tv made it the most amazing morning. I watched it while making pumpkin bread and it was just cool enough out that I pretended fall was here already! My mom loved the Halloween movies so I’ve been watching them for as long as I can remember… I prefer them to the new remakes and watch them whenever they’re on!

4. My Gramma’s birthday was this past Wednesday so we stopped by her house when we were in town last weekend with some flowers and this card (get the DIY HERE).

5. When we’re at my parent’s house in the summertime we spend a lot of time out on their big deck playing cards, last weekend’s game of choice was phase 10!

6. At first I loved it but after a few weeks I realized I wasn’t in love with the sun-bleach stain that we put on our Herringbone Table (see it and get the tutorial HERE) so my dad was nice enough to sand the whole thing down to the bare wood for us so we can stain it a new color. I think that’s the coolest part of making your own table, you can change it completely with a new color just by sanding it down! We’re deciding between a natural stain (like we used for THESE shelves) and a drastically different dark stain (something like THIS), which do you guys prefer?

Instalife 8:31 3

1. We played in a couple’s tournament at my parent’s country club last Sunday and I won for closest to the pin! It was a GORGEOUS day out and we had so much fun!

2. We took my dad up to Toronto on Tuesday for the Yankees game as a belated birthday present. We sat right behind home plate and the Yankees had a heck of a game (which was a good thing because the next night they got crushed, lol).

3. I made some pâte brisée earlier in the week when I had some spare time to freeze. I think I’m going to make THIS incredible recipe into little tartlets and try pressing some herbs we got from my husband’s co-worker into the other half to use for mini pot-pies!

4. Here’s a close look at the mini pies I posted on HERE… I love how tiny they are and how much less intimidating they are to make than a full-size pie!

5. I added these two new fall color sets of the personalized charm bracelets to the Etsy shop this morning, you can find them HERE. I’ll be starting to add even more fall merchandise next week! If there’s thing you guys would like to see in there, please let me know!

6. My husband and I got our first Pumpkin Spice Lattes of the season last night. I order mine grande with soy milk, no whipped cream and extra foam!