Washi Tape Cake Birthday Card

Washi Tape Cake Card

We just got back from a busy weekend out of town where we were busy, busy, busy! Before we left I was trying to make dog treats for my brother and grandmother’s dogs (get the recipe HERE, along with my updates for it!), try a new bread recipe for the fall, pack and make my other grandmother a card for her birthday which is this week. To say I was running in a million different directions is an understatement but I did find the time to whip up this super cute card using the leftover wash tape from THIS project I did on my MacBook’s keyboard. We got a chance to head over to my grandmother’s house Sunday morning and meet my brother over there to wish her an early birthday which was so nice! I try to make cards for my loved one’s as much as I can because I think for a really little amount of time you can make something that’s really meaningful for the person you’re giving it to because it’s made just for them! Check out my cards section of the blog HERE to see more of the one’s I’ve made!

Start off by cutting your card to the correct size to fit in the envelope you’re going to us. My envelope was 5.75″ x 4.5″ so I cut my card stock to 5.75″ x 8.5″ and folded it in half lengthwise. Make cake stand shape, I just free-hand sketched one on the back of some silver glitter card stock and cut it out then glued it to the card (1). Use the washi tape to make the tiers of the cake (2). You can make the candles out of just about anything, I used silver bugle beads and silver teardrop beads to make them and secured them to the card with E6000 glue (3). Write your message on the card or if you prefer, you can print the message on the card just do it before you glue the beads on!

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