My Instalife: Weeks of 8/3 – 8/16

Instalife 8:17

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1. Nothing makes me more excited than the start of the NFL season, even preseason! A couple weekends ago, my husband and I went up to St. John Fisher to attend the Buffalo Bills practice and it was a perfect day. The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot, and it was great to catch up with old friends and watch practice!

2. Have you seen my favorite things from July? You can see it HERE, this greek yogurt with caramelized almonds is one of them!

3. As it’s been a few months now since we re-did our master bedroom, things have been tweaked here and there. You can check out the original post HERE and I have added some pics of what it looks like now including the new bedding that we FINALLY decided on! This is the tray on our nailhead trim cube table, get the DIY HERE.

4. I got this frame from a thrift store forever ago and it has been painted about a zillion times and used all over the house. I just painted it with some gold leaf paint to frame a book page that’s in our work-in-progress office/guest bedroom.

5. Speaking of that room, I have been creatively stumped and my husband came to the rescue. I didn’t know what to do with all these magazines and when I woke up one morning last week he had put together a little album full of decor inspiration for me!

6. This was dinner when we made the Spinach & Artichoke Pesto, get the recipe post HERE.

Instalife 8:17 2

1. One afternoon last week when we had a string of rainy days and the dogs were feeling cooped up, I dumped out all their toys and we went a little crazy. They loved it, and this was the aftermath… if only they could pick up their own toys!

2. One of the other projects we worked on for the office was these giant framed photographs from the 1920’s. When the room is all finished I’ll do a room post will all the details!

3. Our grocery store had a Maryland Blue Crab Fest last weekend and they had tons of these pre-cooked crabs which we used for THIS recipe.

4. Here’s a close up of one of the wooden crates we turned in to shelving for our master bathroom. You can get the tutorial HERE and be sure to check in next week because I have another really cool project we did in that room check out another project we did in the room HERE!

5. Working from home has a huge list of pros but one of the cons is that if I don’t make an effort, I end up being cooped up for days on end. Earlier in the week my husband suggested I gathered up all my magazines and heading to Starbucks for a couple hours while he was working his night shift. I was nice to take my office “on the run” and I got TONS of inspiration!

6. The crabs from picture 3 in this set ended up in THIS summer squash & lemon risotto!