My Instalife: Week of 7/27 – 8/2

Instalife 8:3

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1. Weezy spends almost every morning sprawled out in her dog bed (find it HERE) on the couch, this was her last Saturday.

2. Sunday we spent the day deep cleaning the downstairs of the house which was much-needed once we moved all my sewing stuff down to the basement. Usually we make a big breakfast together on Sundays but since we had so much to do I went for simple – egg white veggie omelet (keep reading to get the how-to), turkey bacon & toast with earth balance.

3. One of the things I dread doing is hand washing all the glassware on our hanging bar (see it HERE). I only do it about once a season, because it takes FOREVER but since the glasses hang and collect all the dust it’s a necessary evil.

4. In the days before iPads (how did we ever survive?! haha) I used to mark the pages in my magazines with the little post-it sticky things whenever I saw something I wanted to try. Then I got my iPad and transferred almost all of my subscriptions to digital ones and then I’d take screen shots of the pages but even that got to be too much clutter on my iPad. Now I have a running list in my notepad and I write them down there… that way I know what magazine, what month & year and exactly what on the page I wanted to check out!

Instalife 8:3 2

1. Earlier in the week I made the dog’s treats (get the recipe HERE) and Sebastian quite literally couldn’t wait for me to finish.

2. I had made a sleep mask to look like the mask Audrey Hepburn wears in How To Steal a Million (see it HERE) a couple years ago and the elastic was so stretched out that it never stayed on and I’d washed it so much that the lace was starting to fray. I decided to make a different style one, the beginning stages seen here, and I love it! I made more for the Etsy shop too, you can find them HERE.

3. On nights when my husband works the later shift, I either just make a lean cuisine or breakfast for dinner. We had leftover italian sausage from dinner the night before on this night and so I made an omelet. Here’s the how to: Heat a tsp of olive oil over medium heat in a skillet and sauté up your fillings (in this case it was peppers, onions & the italian sausage). While that’s happening, season your eggs (I hardly ever use whole eggs, I typically do four egg whites but we only had two eggs left) with salt and pepper and lightly beat with a fork. Add the filling to your eggs and mix a little with the fork, spray the skillet with a cooking spray and dump everything in the skillet. Once the eggs have set enough to flip, loosen around all the edges with a spatula and carefully flip. Add your cheese, fold in half and voila!

4. This was a little sneak peek before I posted THIS recipe.

instalife 8:3 3

1. We are really lucky that my husband works just 10 minutes away from our house so he gets to come home every day on his lunch break. Yesterday Weezy was desperately hoping he would share some of his soup with her.

2. I am really excited about Monday’s upcoming post because it’s something new and really different, stay tuned!

3. We went to the grocery store to grab some things for dinner and I literally squealed in the middle of a huge group of shoppers when I saw these orchids!

4. We had a low-key night in last night… we made mojitos (get my recipe HERE) and had a Breaking Bad marathon (I’m trying to get caught up before the second half of the last season starts airing next week!