My Instalife: Week of 7/20 – 7/26

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instalife 7:27

1. Weezy’s favorite thing to do, ever since she was a puppy , is to saddle up next to her dad’s leg on the couch. This picture was while we were watching The Open… go Phil Mickelson!

2. We spent most of Sunday putting together storage and rearranging furniture in the basement to finish out the sewing studio. This was while we were building cube shelving that I had planned to set the sewing table over… it didn’t work out that way, which was a good thing because we came up with a much better alternative.

3. We finished the studio Sunday night (and by finished I mean it’s cleaned out and the furniture is all in… there’s a lot of decorating and organizing to do still!) and we celebrated with a couple glasses of champagne!

4. Sebastian is still making good use of Weezy’s birthday gift every second that she’s not in it!

istalife 7:27 2

1. You might remember this dress (see it HERE), I worked on making the pattern for a couple weeks in the spring and then never had the time to actually make one with real fabric. I finally picked the fabric this week and can’t wait to get sewing!

2. This is a little peak of the decor in the sitting area of my studio, see my post HERE with all my inspiration and ideas for decorating using the ceiling!

3. We have this huge tree right outside the window above our sink in our kitchen and in the afternoon as the sun starts setting it glows through the leaves and I just love it!

4. This was a sneak peek of THIS project, a Michael Kors designer DIY!

instalife 7:27 3

1. I am alway posting about the more glamorous meals we are cooking and eating, so I figured I should share an everyday meal as well! Turkey clubs are one of our favorite go-to weeknight meals because it’s crazy easy and really delicious!

2. Thursday night we went out to dinner with my godmother which was a perfect opportunity to bring my new clutch out for a night! Get the tutorial HERE.

3. Last fall, I was asked to make a table runner and I ended up painting an inkblot pattern onto fabric and I was obsessed with it. After making the leather fold-over clutch, I wanted to try it with an easier-to-sew fabric but I didn’t want it to be boring. I painted these two panels and sewed it together yesterday… it’s insanely cool! I’ll do a post on that sometime soon and you can look for them in the Etsy shop probably next week.

4. I loved the American Girl Doll sun dresses that I made for my cousin’s daughter (see them HERE) so I made some for the Etsy shop so you can have them too, find them HERE.