My Instalife: Week of 7/13 – 7/19

Instalife 7:20

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1. We got a little time in at the beach last Saturday, which turned out to be a great thing since it has been WAY too hot since then to go back!

2. I have been trying out some new things for breakfast lately to try to break my habit of not eating it at all (I’m more of a breakfast for dinner kind of girl, lol). I have some great ones I’ll be sharing in the upcoming recipe posts but one of my favorites when I want something quick and easy is steel cut oats with a touch of maple syrup, walnuts and blueberries!

3. My great aunt had a big get-together at her house on Sunday since my cousins were going to be home along with my one cousin’s baby (remember, I did the shower for her last year? see it HERE) who we hadn’t met yet! I wanted to bring something and my Snicker’s cupcakes (see them HERE) are a favorite so I made them.

4. By the time Sunday night rolled around we were exhausted and so we picked up a summer variety pack of Blue Moon and caught up on the DVR.

Instalife 7:20 2

1. I have been making shrimp for dinner so much lately, we get really amazing organic shrimp from our grocery store and there are so many different things to make that I can’t get enough! 

2. I was working on fishtail bracelets for the shop earlier in the week, thinking they’d look cool in suede like the one pictured here. After making a couple I decided I didn’t like how big the gaps were in between the wraps so I decided to go with metallic twine instead which looks amazing. They ended up looking like braided metal which I loved, they have just been added to the Etsy shop and you can see them along with other new arrivals HERE.

3. I don’t know what I was thinking earlier in the week other than I didn’t want to be cooped up in the gym for our workout so I suggested we go for a run instead. It was the hottest day of the year (mid 90s) and it was so humid you could barely breath but we buckled down and got through it, we even made good time! By the time we got to the beach (our half way mark) our clothes were already soaked from the heat but it was beautiful as always!

4. As I mentioned in my tutorial for the washi tape keyboard (found HERE), I took some of the tape of the keys and this is what my laptop is currently looking like. I wish I could have kept it covering the whole keyboard but the wear was too much on the keys I use most!

Instalife 7:20 3

We are finally converting our basement into my sewing studio. We had the idea last fall (you might remember the re-organizing of hundreds of DVDs as the first step to de-cluttering, see it HERE) but it was just too big of a project at the time and we had too many other things going on. That is all still true but earlier in the week when I was dragging my sewing table into our living room for the hundredth time and sewing on our kitchen table, I finally had enough and decided to bite the bullet. I have spent ALL DAY every day this week clearing out and making a plan. I have gotten half the basement emptied (after many trips to donate bags and bags of stuff and old gaming consoles!) and cleaned out. This half breaks in to two rooms, one that has our washer & dryer & a utility sink that will now be set up for pressing garments, dying fabrics, etc. The other room is going to be a giant sitting area with a sectional couch that runs along two walls in the far corner. The picture above to the left are a few things I picked up to go on the ottoman that sits on a huge area rug in the middle of the sectional. The picture on the right shows some projects I was working on yesterday… I gotta say decorating was the fun part after disassembling so much furniture and decided what to get rid of! I’ll do a full post on the butterfly installation once it’s finished (it’s going to be incredible!), the hanging domes are hanging from the ceiling and have moss and green orchids in them and the chevron-ish rug is what’s under the ottoman.