My Instalife: Weeks of 6/29 – 7/13

Instalife 7:6

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1. When my mom and I were at Ikea a couple weeks ago and I got the Lack Side tables to make our new coffee table cubes (see them HERE), I knew I’d need some items to style the tables with. I grabbed some succulents because I love how they look (plus they’re masculine which is a nice touch for the shared space) and they’re super low maintenance. After thinking about it some more once I got home, my husband and I decided to build a terrarium for them to really put on a display. We spent our afternoon Sunday making it and it turned out great (see the finished project HERE)!

2. It has been beautiful here this week but it rained like crazy for most of last week! As I mentioned in last week’s post (see it HERE), the only good thing about the overcast days is the hydrangea bush in our garden blooms! This is the whole plant outside on last Monday, it was such a vibrant color green I had to snap a pic!

3. It is SO rare when they dogs lay together peacefully. They’re always either shoving the other one out from a blanket so they can have it for themselves or fighting for one of our’s attention. This was earlier in the week one morning while I was working away on my laptop, they were so peaceful even if just for a little bit!

4. I have been working on a modified version of THIS project to make a fun kid’s item for the Etsy shop (purchase them HERE). I’ll post the full tutorial on them soon, it was fun working with the bright colors and patterns and I love me some rick rack!

Instalife 7:13 2

1. I spent a lot of time early last week working on my flower pot cards for the Etsy shop… I love that you can send someone flowers without even having to contact a florist! You can find them to purchase HERE.

2. We went to my parents for the fourth of July weekend last weekend and went golfing Saturday afternoon at Moonbrook Country Club. It was kind of a way to make up for the horrendous weather we played in on Father’s Day, lol. It was an insanely gorgeous day… 90 degrees and sunny, we had such a great time!

3. When my mom and I went to Ikea, I also picked up one of THESE bars for my office. These are a life saver and for $3, how could you not want one? We have a similar bar in our kitchen (seen HERE) and I hung this one for all of my patterns. I shared a little tip I use for hanging things like this on Instagram – just use painter’s tape to secure the level right onto the bar, you can hang it in no time!

4. I did the most adorable DIY earlier in the week to my MacBook keyboard and I can’t wait to share the finished project and the tutorial with you soon!

Instalife 7:13 31. I made a set of these personalized charm bangles for myself and I am obsessed with them. I liked them so much I made some extra sets for the Etsy Shop (ready to be personalized, find them HERE)!

2. My husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on Wednesday! For our first anniversary I made a huge multi-course meal (see the decor HERE, first course HERE, second course HERE, main course HERE and last three courses HERE). Last year all I wanted was to go get my favorite video game (NCAA Football) at midnight, which happened to be the same day as our anniversary. This year, the game was coming out the day before our anniversary and I surprised my husband with a big “tailgate” themed dinner. I put it all on butcher paper to keep it super casual and we had so much fun playing the game and eating all night long! Recipe posts for most of the food coming soon!

3. Weezy knows when I sit down for a second during my workday that it’s only for a few seconds and boy does she take advantage! She gets her belly rubbed and loves every minute of it!

4. It has been beautiful here this week and so when we were thinking of things to make for dinner we wanted something delicious but not too heavy. After my re-creation of my dinner from Houston’s in Miami went so successful (see it HERE), I decided to remake my dinner from Coconuts too and here is a sneak peek of that (see my original post about it HERE).