Trunk Cube Tables

Ikea Trunk Tables

This project was really seredipitous and I have to admit that those end up being my favorite items in our home. My mom and I went to Ikea last weekend and since they were having their summer sale, the LACK side tables were on sale for $7 (regularly $13).  We had been talking about getting a new coffee table for a while (the one we had was just too big for the room) and I thought maybe we could make two cube tables instead of one large coffee table. I grabbed four of the Lack tables but wasn’t sure exactly how we’d make them… I figured worse come to worse we’d do them like the nailhead trim one we made for our bedroom (see it HERE). We stopped at the Duty Free on the way back to the US and they had new exclusive flavors of Johnny Walker (my husband’s favorite, found HERE) and they had Louis Vuitton style trunks set up for the display. Of all the things going on, the simple gold hardware on the corners really inspired me and I thought, those would look cool on the corners of the cubes! I went to  hardware store and picked some up the next day and we had both table built in an afternoon! It’s crazy easy, especially since we didn’t paint these tables (the black-brown is the same color as all the other furniture in the room) and the trunk corners give a decorative touch without being labor intensive.

Start off by building your cubes. If you want to paint them, follow the instructions from THIS post. If you’re good with the existing color (they come in birch, white, gray, red, black and black-brown) then you’re ready to get going. To build the cube you make the table just like normal from one pack (buy them HERE), except you glue the legs to the top instead of screwing them in (because if you screw them in, the legs aren’t flush with the side of the top). Use wood glue to glue the legs on and allow to dry. Next, you’re going to glue the top of one of the other tables to the bottom of those legs. Remember that you’re gluing the right side of the second table top down… then when you flip the table over the unfinished side will be hidden on the floor. Allow the cubes to dry upside down (1). Once the table is dry, place your trunk corners (we used THESE) on and use a white pencil to mark the three screw holes (2). Pre-drill holes (3) and then put the trunk corners back on and screw them on by hand (4). We added the trunk corners on all the corners on the top and bottom (5), but you could just add them to the top if you like. There were lines on the bottom legs with the unfinished wood shown through, I just ran a sharpie over it and it disappeared (6).

trunk table how to

I LOVE these in place of a giant coffee table. Since they’re smooth on the bottom, they easily slide wherever you want them so you can keep them out of the way when you’re not using them. The trunk corners are so simple but I love how they brought the cubes to life and also that it keeps them looking masculine. We styled them as sort of his-and-hers tables… mine has coffee table books (get them HERE, HERE and HERE) with a mercury glass tea-light votive, a vintage brooch, my matchstick bottles (find them HERE) and a vase of hydrangeas on the top. The bottom of my cube has my macbook and iPad case along with some magazines. My husbands table has our new terrarium on the top (get the DIY tutorial HERE) and one of the dog’s beds on the bottom, they love laying under there, lol!

Trunk Cube Styling