American Girl Doll Sundresses

American Girl Doll Dresses

My cousin’s daughter enjoyed the pajamas and sleeping bag that I made her for Christmas (see them HERE) and so I wanted to make her some summer-time clothes for her birthday. I actually stumbled upon this pattern (Simplicity 1928) in the winter for $1 when Joann’s was having a sale. I knew it would be perfect since her birthday was in June and her doll could use the dresses! She loves purple and bright colors so I used a mix of material leftover from my dress stash as well as some new ones I got just for her. I was so happy with how these turned out, they’re adorable and I love that they’re lined. I made views A, E & F from the pattern (find it HERE) with a few changes to view F. I’ll share my pictures from sewing view A since that dress and the top to dress F are the same then explain what steps I omitted for view E!

The numbers in the picture set below correlate to the steps in the pattern for view A (again, find it HERE). You might recognize the fabric from THIS post of mine!

American Girl Doll Dress

I followed the pattern’s directions for view F as directed… the top of the dress is done the same way as the set of pictures above, with a wider skirt gathered and attached.

For view E I thought the ruffle tiered skirt was enough, I didn’t want to add the eyelet and ribbon trim to the top. I skipped step 4 in the pattern for the top and moved right on to the next steps, which is the same top as the dresses. I then followed steps 1-7 for the skirt!