My Instalife: Weeks of 6/15 – 6/28

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Instalife 6:29

1. One of the only liquors that I really don’t like is gin, with the exception of this kind of gin. We first discovered Fifty Pounds gin (find it HERE) when we were at the Food Network event in NYC (read about that HERE) and we get it for my dad, a gin lover, for a gift now. We brought him a bottle to say thanks for watching the dogs while we were in Miami and I decided to have some when we were there a couple weekends ago. It was delicious with sparkling cranberry juice!

2. I was asked to make the desserts for a wedding a couple weekends ago and these were the cupcakes I made. I made my blueberry pancake cupcakes (find the recipe HERE), my Snickers cupcakes (find the recipe HERE), my reeses cupcakes (I’ll do a post on these soon!) and vanilla bean cupcakes (find the recipe HERE, just omit the champagne soaked strawberries) filled with strawberry puree and topped with whipped cream. They were a huge hit and the wedding was wonderful!

3. Since we were in town for the wedding, we actually got to spend Father’s Day with my dad which was really nice. We had made plans to go golfing at Moonbrook Country Club but the weather was NOT cooperating! We were sitting in our golf carts watching the pouring rain looking at the Weather Channel app that said no rain for three hours, lol, it was ridiculous! We ended up toughing it out and we still had a great time!

4. You can get all the details on our new juicer in THIS post, this was the first juice we made!

instalife 6:29 21. Weezy turned 5 last week which I seriously can’t believe!

2. While I was waiting in our driveway the other night for my husband to pick me up so we could go to the gym I snapped the pic of the view to my left. We take for granted that there’s such a beautiful golf course right off the side of our house!

3. We were major beach bums last weekend. It was super hot here and we got some sun, caught up on our magazine, swam and just enjoyed a new spot we had all to ourselves! When we left the beach on Saturday we were starving but didn’t feel like making anything crazy for dinner. We grabbed some sweet potatoes at our farmer’s market and fried up some BBQ chips (get the recipe HERE).

4. I have been DIY-ing like crazy the last couple of weeks, it’s so nice to have the time to do some sewing/painting/crafting just for fun!! You can see the finished Nike’s HERE, the fabric with the fish is a baby quilt (which you can purchase the Etsy shop, HERE!), the patron bottle was a grand plan I had for our wall bar (find it HERE) and it turned out fantastic until I dropped it on our kitchen floor and it shattered lol. The java jacket is something I made for myself but I’ve also made many more and those are also available in the Etsy Shop (HERE)!

Instalife 6:29 31. I made my farmer’s market gazpacho earlier in the week, find the recipe HERE. Like I mentioned in that post, the recipe changes slightly depending on what the best ingredients are at the market. This week there were phenomenal orange bell peppers so I used more of those than tomatoes… it was super sweet but really delicious!

2. We bought Weezy a “deep dish cuddled” (find it HERE) for her birthday. The beds she had B.S. (before Sebastian) got ripped to pieces and when she tries to nestle in the couch Sebastian always bugs her so we thought this would be perfect for her. She LOVES it, but literally any time she’s not using it, Sebastian takes full advantage!

3. For whatever reason, the maintenance crew for our complex planted hydrangeas in the small garden to the side of our back patio which makes no sense because there’s literally no shade. A few times a summer, the plant does produce some blossoms, typically on gray and rainy weeks like this one. I took one of them and put it in the julep vase on the tray on my DIY Nailhead Trim Cube Table (find the tutorial HERE).

4. Speaking of the cube table, my mom and I went to Ikea yesterday to shop the summer sale. We really need a new coffee table and the Lack Side tables are currently on sale for $6.99 so I bought four of them. My hope is to replace our coffee table with two cubes but I’m not sure how I want to make them yet so stay tuned! You can see the finished cubes HERE. I also got some fantastic fabric that I’m going to use in a quilt… they always have the coolest patterns and the quality is so great!