Home Tip: Juicers

breville juicer

We have talked getting a juicer for a long time now but decided to hold off until this summer when our farmer’s market was open and we could get our hands on the most affordable and biggest selection of produce. Last weekend we ended up biting the bullet and getting the Breville Juice Fountain Plus (find it HERE) and I wanted to share our thoughts with all of you. I also want to see what juicers you have and enjoy as well as get some of your favorite juice recipes!

Let me start off by saying that our intention was not to do a juice cleanse and only juice. I had watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” (watch the whole thing for free HERE or if you have Netflix, it’s on there too) and my mother-in-law was juicing at the time and enjoying it so I just wanted to try it. I wanted to replace one meal a day with a juice to get more nutrients and just be a little more healthy.  This past week I ended up juicing for breakfast and lunch instead and it worked for me so for right now that’s what I’m doing. All in all I absolutely love this juicer… I think it works well, it’s easy to clean and it’s not too big so I can keep it out on our counter!

First impressions after breaking it out of the box was that there were a lot of pieces but once I put it all together and made my first juice I realized it’s really not. There was a lot of info in the booklet and it was confusing as to what to use each speed for (it has low and high speed and each piece of produce is supposed to be juiced at a different one) but I’ll be honest – I just juice everything on high speed. I was impressed by how much juice was extracted from the produce and I like that the blade is so sharp that it doesn’t heat up while juicing, thus keeping as many nutrients as possible in the process. I like that instead of buying pure juices for recipes like THIS one,  I can juice a couple carrots at home and just get what I need. I break the whole thing down and rinse it in hot water after breakfast, rebuild it for lunch and then clean it all with soap and water. Most of the pieces are dishwasher safe on the top rack but since the pieces are large I’m not sure how you could fit them on your top rack and it’s not bad to do by hand anyways. Here’s the pieces that come off the base:


There were some things that I didn’t like and it has nothing to do with the juicer itself but more of the juicing process. After I made our first juice (a green juice) I was left with a giant bucket full of pulp that just gets thrown out. First, I thought it was a big waste and second the next day I realized we had a problem because even in the garbage can with the lid closed all I could smell in our kitchen was vegetable waste. I started putting the pulp into stock containers and freezing it for a couple of reasons. One is that it removes it from our garbage can, eliminating the smell. On garbage nights once a week, my husband empties them and puts it with all the garbage outside for collection. Secondly, it keeps it fresh so that I can use it in other things. Basically when you’re juicing, the juice with all the nutrients goes into the pitcher and the pulp along with all the fiber goes into the bucket. You can add a handful of the pulp to all kinds of things to give a little boost of fiber… use it in meatloaf, zucchini bread, my kale & quinoa patties (find the recipe HERE), etc. Here’s where the pulp travels from the shredder basket to the pulp bucket:

2013-06-19 12.41.11

Basically the pros are: it’s easy to use, it juices really well and retains a good amount of the nutrients, it’s small enough to keep out on your counter and it’s easy to clean. The cons are: the pulp is smelly and seems like a waste, but if you follow my tips from the previous paragraph you can easily solve those two problems! Basically I would definitely recommend this juicer and it gets my stamp of approval!

So far I have three favorite juices. Juice 1 = 1/2 cucumber, 3 kale leaves, 2 romaine leaves, few sprigs of parsley, piece of ginger, a peeled lime, 2 celery stalks and an apple. Juice 2 = 1 beet, 2 carrots, a peeled lemon, a granny smith apple and 1/2 a peeled orange. Juice 3 = 1 peeled grapefruit, a pear, 1 carrot, 1/2 peeled orange and a piece of ginger.


What juicers do you guys have and recommend? Also, share some of your favorite juices with me!