DIY Jimmy Choo Tassel Necklace

Jimmy Choo Tassel Necklace DIY

It has been so long since I have done a Designer DIY post (find them all HERE) so I am really excited to be sharing this one with you because it’s really simple! I saw the necklace in Vogue a couple of months ago in a Jimmy Choo ad (the pic above the the left) and immediately made the necklace in the picture above on the right. Since then, I have seen this style of necklace popping up all over the place… click HERE to see them in every price range, from no-name designers starting around $40 to high-end designers topping out the thousands. Mine cost under $5 to make and I have been wearing it a lot more than I expected to… it looks great on it’s own for more dressy looks and I have been layering it with shorter gold necklaces for a really casual feel that I’m loving! 

If you love the shoes in the ad, Simone Heng at did an amazing DIY for them which you can find HERE!

Start off by cutting 10 pieces of chain about 4″ long each (1). Thread five of the chains onto one small jump ring and the other five onto another jump ring (2). Take a piece of 16 gauge wire and make a loop on one end, attach the two jump rings then close (3). Thread the wire up through a bell/cap bead (4). Make a loop on top of the bell/cap bead to secure and cut off any excess of the wire (5). Attach the tassel to a large jump ring and thread that onto a long chain (the necklace) (6). 

Jimmy Choo Tassel How To

If you want to make this project even more simple, they sell pre-made tassels at craft stores (find some HERE) that are even more decorative than this one! All you’d have to do it attach to a necklace chain and voila!