My Instalife: Week of 5/31 -6/7

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Instalife 6:8

1. The first night that we were in Miami we went to grab dinner and a couple drinks with my brother-in-law and his fiancee.  They took us to a place called Tap 42 (find it HERE) and I loved the atmosphere. They had a huge wrap around patio outdoors and the indoor wall was lined with re-claimed wood planks in all different colors. The food was great, as was their craft beers, and it was a great way to catch up on or first night!

2. The first morning we were in Miami I really wanted to get a workout in but  was nervous to run outside in the heat. My husband took me to his high school (find it HERE) where we were able to take over the whole gym there which was so nice! 

3. My brother-in-law got married at the Jacaranda Country Club (find it HERE) and I got to wander around while the rehearsal was going on. The grounds were gorgeous and after doing some research while walking around I discovered they recently did a ten million dollar renovation to the two golf courses!

4. I have mentioned my love for Keith Morrison in previous Instalife posts (see HERE) and when I heard Bill Hader was leaving SNL I was so sad there wouldn’t be another spoof! I laughed so hard when I read this tweet (in Keith Morrison’s voice, obviously LOL)!

Instalife 6:8 2

1. My brother-in-law and his now wife did a fairy tale theme for their wedding and they asked me to design the signs for each table. They were printed on wood-grain with my original sketched and each one was different… this was the head table’s sign, which was my favorite because it has Ariel and Eric from the Little Mermaid on it!

2. Things were so crazy in the days leading up the wedding that we didn’t have much free time so the day after it was over, my husband and I really wanted to try some great seafood restaurants. The last time we were there (four years ago!) I didn’t eat seafood and now that I do I couldn’t wait to try it there. My mother-in-law sent us to Coconuts on Fort Lauderdale beach (find it HERE) and I am SO happy she thought of it because it was absolutely incredible! It was such perfect weather that night and we sat right on the water. We shared the blue crab claws swimming in butter with scallions and jalapeno, my husband had a philly lobster roll, I had tiger shrimp in an heirloom tomato confit and we split the key lime pie for dessert!

3. I’ve mentioned previously (see HERE) that my favorite place to go in Miami is Fairchild Botanical Gardens and this time was no exception! We were bummed because we had planned to go when we had some time on the last day but it was calling for rain all day. We sat in the parking lot for a while to wait it out but when it changed the forecast to rain straight through we just braved it with our umbrellas to keep the camera safe! Luckily it let up enough to just be a light rain while we were there and we were able to really enjoy it… they even have a new indoor butterfly exhibit!

4. One of my mother-in-law’s favorite restaurants is Houston’s and it’s kind of become our unofficial tradition to go there with her for our last meal before we head home. We shared the spinach and artichoke dish, I had this amazing sashimi tuna salad (like seriously to-die-for good) and my husband and mother-in-law both got the pork ribs. It was a wonderful way to end our trip!

Instalife 6:8 31. This is my seared scallops dish with fennel puree and roasted summer vegetables, get the recipe HERE.

2. This trip was the longest time I have ever spent away from our dogs… the last closest time was our honeymoon lol. I couldn’t have missed them more (even though my mom was gracious enough to let me FaceTime with them while we were away haha) and coming home to them was the best feeling ever. My parents watch the dogs every time we go anywhere, which is a huge relief for us because we have never boarded them and it gives us one less thing to worry about knowing they are in great hands! This was Weezy and I on the drive home from my parents house the day we got back.

3. The day we left Miami we were up at 4, took two flights and were back in NY before noon, took a shuttle to the hotel to pick up our car, drove an hour and half each way to my parents house to get the dogs, got home around 5 and spent the night doing laundry and unpacking. The next morning I was ready to get back to work after an amazing nights sleep and it was cold and rainy here which made it even easier! We got these Jonathan Adler mugs (find them HERE) in Miami!

4. My husband either works an 8-5 shift or a noon – 9 shift and the first day we were back he worked the night shift which usually means we eat leftovers or something quick when he’s home on his dinner break. I had to do some grocery shopping and realized while I was there that we hadn’t had a home-cooked meal in over two weeks since being away and decided to make a big dinner for when my husband got home. I ended up making spaghetti with crushed tomatoes, fresh thyme, kale and chicken (I’ll do a post on the recipe soon!) with toasted baguettes and a salad.