My Instalife: Week of 5/24 – 5/30

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Instalife 5:31

1. We left last Friday after work for out crazy “vacation”. We drove to my parent’s house for the long holiday weekend (they live about an hour and a half away”, drove back home Monday, worked a half day Tuesday, stayed in a hotel suite by the airport Tuesday night and then flew to Miami on Wednesday where we’ll be for eight days. Sebastian is always excited to be in the car!

2. We didn’t get to my parent’s house until later last Friday night and we just wanted something low key to do for dinner. There’s a Mexican restaurant called the Taco Hut that we have been going to for as long as I can remember. A couple pitchers of beer and some great food was the perfect way to start off the long weekend!

3. Since we had already made plans to stay at my parents a couple weeks after, we didn’t come home for Mother’s Day. I treated my mom to a morning at Panache Spa last Saturday as our gift to her! 

4. After our morning at the spa, my husband went to my parent’s country club to meet up with my dad (who was golfing in the Memorial Day Tournament) to golf 18 more holes and my mom and I went to Erie to do some shopping. She wanted me to pick some decor to start styling the wall length built-in shelves she has in her family room and I needed some new accessories from Charming Charlies. We ended up stopping at Panera for lunch and they had the most amazing new sandwich for spring… Huge pieces of shrimp tossed in a tarragon mayo with avocado slices and fresh basil on a New England style roll, it was amazing!

instalife 5:31 2

1. I love tequila, I drink it far less than I did in my younger days (lol) as now I tend to stick with champagne or wine but when I do I love Patron with Orange Juice. My parents had a bottle in their liquor cabinet left from when we were there last Memorial Day but no orange juice. My dad suggested the Trop 50 Pineapple Mango that they had and after much trepidation I tried it and loved it… it was a great combination!

2. My grandmother got married at a restaurant right on the lake (where my grandfather had his boat slip), which used to be called Mariner’s Pier. It’s changed names a few times, now called the Harbor Grille, we still like to go for breakfast. My grandfather has since passed away and so I like to look out to where his boat used to be and it just has such great memories.

3. As I mentioned in last week’s Instalife post, we celebrated my nieces 5th birthday a couple weeks early because the whole family would be in town. She told everyone “she could really use some dollars” so she can save up to buy a puppy. My brother is getting her a Boston Terrier, which he will surprise her with for her actual birthday but she still got some dollars in the meantime!

4. My grandmother had the party at her house… everyone came and my grandmother cooked a big dinner with cake and ice cream and it was a lot of fun. Before my niece blew out her candles we told her to make a wish and we could see her mouth the words “I really wish that we can have a dog” so I can’t wait for my brother to tell her she’s getting one! She also had a donkey pinata (which my niece requested and we don’t know why lol) and she had a blast with my cousins!

Instalife 5:31 3

1. My parents have HUGE built in shelving flanking both sides of the fireplace in their living room. My mom used to pack the shelves with tons of pictures of friends and family but late last year (probably after the Christmas decorations got put away) she said she wanted to do something different. Every time we were out, I’d pick out things here and there and we’ve been collecting them since. We went to Hobby Lobby last weekend to pick out the last bit of “stuff” and I redecorated for her Monday morning. I love how my mom isn’t afraid to go BOLD… most people can’t pull it off in their home but it works so well for her!

2. A close up look at my Oven-Fried Green Tomatoes (get the recipe HERE).

3. As I mentioned before we checked into a hotel closer to the airport the night before we left for Miami… it’s become a tradition, the night before we head out of town somewhere we stay HERE. Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals was on and mu husbands a big Heat fan so I worked while he watched that. There’s a giant jacuzzi right in the middle of the room so it was nice to relax in a big bubble bath too!

4. Even thought our flight wasn’t until the afternoon, we still got up really early so we could enjoy breakfast, take our time getting ready and have plenty of time once we got to the airport. A red bull was necessary in keeping me going while I worked and waited for our flight!