Leather iPad Mini Case

Leather iPad Mini Case

I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy the past few days have been… we traveled back and forth between my parents house for the holiday weekend, went home for a night, stayed at a hotel close to the airport last night and as this posts we will be in the air on our way to Miami for my brother-in-laws wedding! Yesterday morning before we left in the midst of a million other things, I realized that we didn’t have a case for our iPad mini. Obviously I didn’t have tons of time so I wanted to come up with the easiest and fasted thing I could. I have a leather bound journal that’s very similar to this that I use to keep track of all my projects measurements and things. I love the journal’s style and so I thought it would be perfect to replicate the envelope style for our iPad mini. This literally took less than a half hour and can be tailored to absolutely anything so it would be great for any of your tech gadgets or even as a document folder or a clutch!

Again, I made this for an iPad mini but you can change these measurements to fit anything you like! Take a piece of leather of vinyl and draw a 16″ x 8.5″ rectangle on the wrong side. You’ll notice the top of my rectangle is round, this is your flap. The highest point of that is the 16″  and the lower points are 2″ down. You can either freehand that shape like I did or trace a bowl or anything you like. Cut out the rectangle and fold up the bottom of it (the end that’s not rounded) 5.5″ and pin it in the middle to keep it in place. Using a leather needle in your sewing machine, stitch as close to the edges as you can being sure to backstitch both ends to reinforce it. It’s important that you stitch right up against the edge otherwise your iPad won’t fit inside. After that, I stitched from the folded part all the way along the top flap to give it a more decorative finish. It’s strictly for looks so if you want to save even more time, skip it! Take a ruler at the middle of the flap and mark at .25″, .75″ and 1.25″. Use a hole punch to punch holes at these dots (you’ll have to scrunch the leather a bit to punch the 1.25″ one). 

Leather iPad Case How To

Take a piece of leather cording and use a box cutter to cut a slit in the middle of it at one end. Stick that end, wrong side up through the 1.25″ hole on the wrong side of the flap. Stick the other end of the leather cording through the .75″ hole and then put it through the slit you made in the other end. Pull the cording tight towards the flap and thread the cord through the .25″ hole. Now the cord is right side up on the outside. Wrap the cord around a couple of times and cut it once the length it where you want it. I stamped a metal washer (using my DIY HERE) with our last name and tied that to the end of the cord.

Leather Case Tie