My Instalife: Week of 5/17 – 5/23

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Instalife 5:241. We had another beach weekend last weekend, thankfully the weather is back to cooperating! We like to switch it up and bring a different fruit salad with us each weekend and this is what we picked for those two days. I diced up two mangoes, a papaya and six kiwis then tossed it with the juice from a lime and a sprinkle of chopped cilantro!

2. Our family came up in the afternoon last Saturday for my cousin’s 4th birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese (see the wrapping paper I made for his gift HERE). Almost every picture I have of my dad looks like this one… he never wants to smile so he does this face lol. 

3. This is me and my niece (I call her sweet cheeks) at the party. We’re celebrating her 5th birthday early on Sunday at my grandmother’s house since the whole family will be in town so I’m sure there will be more pictures of her coming up this weekend!

4. I have been working like crazy this past week, even while at the beach last weekend so that I can take a “vacation” starting today. I’ll still be working on the site but the Etsy shop is in vacation mode and we’ll be out of town so it’s going to be a nice break!

instalife 5:24 2

1. We take the dogs for a walk right before bed on nights when the weather allows it. We like to go then because it’s just too hot during the day and it’s very peaceful at night. We have a little turnaround in our complex by the golf course and I love how it looks at night. If you look closely in the bottom left-hand side you can see Weezy.

2. This is another picture from the turnaround, there’s two benches under a street light and it always reminds me of the parks in NYC at night which I love.

3. I discovered these Archipelago candles when we lived in Cleveland, I got them at the botanical gardens there. I love them because they’re soy and so they burn WAY longer than normal candles and they burn a lot cleaner too. You can find them HERE in my favorite scent.

4. I ended painting my Neon Statement necklace back to yellow. You can see the original post HERE and how I revamped it HERE. I just painted it with the Krylon fluorescent paint and then painted over that with a neon yellow nail polish from Forever21 that gave it a really cool look.

Instalife 5:24 3

1. I have been having to get my workouts in at the house this week because there hasn’t been time to get to the gym. I’ve had to get creative (single leg squats & tricep dips on the living room table and all kinds of exercises using my body weight as the resistance) and apparently  Weezy wanted to get in on the action.

2. We have two tvs in our living room (see the whole room HERE) and Wednesday night was like a sports bar here. My husband is from Miami and so we were cheering on the Heat (even though I’m a Nuggets fan) and  what a game it was!

3. As if I didn’t have enough going on lately, I am doing the desserts for a wedding the week after we get back from Miami. I spent most of yesterday baking up a storm in preparation, these are my vanilla bean cupcakes straight out of the oven!

4. At night, Sebastian gets into their crate pretty early on and is done for the day. I like to crawl in there and lay with him sometimes but he always gives me this look like “I’m trying to sleep, mom” lol.