Decorating Outdoor Tables


As promised, I wanted to do a separate post on how we styled the herringbone table we made for our backyard patio. If you missed the post on the table and how it was designed and made, you can find it HERE. We wanted to stick with the laid back beach theme and I knew I wanted to incorporate flameless LED candles with a remote but other than that I was stumped. I found bits and pieces that I saw in different stores and loved but just couldn’t figure out how to tie it all together in an organic way. My husband came out with me after work one night and (I think because he was just stepping into it and I had too many ideas floating in my head) came up with this idea in a matter of moments. People always assume that if you have a creative mind that decorating is easy but 99% of the time it makes it that much more difficult because you have too many ideas and it’s hard to pick one. I LOVE how this turned out… I love the colors and how we incorporated the candles and I think it works so well with the table. This table looks fantastic all day long but at sunset, the color of the candles matched up with the bright orange of the sun and I still can’t believe how perfect it is! 



The sea glass is the thing that got the whole design moving. I was at Pottery Barn looking for outdoor LED candles with remotes (which I ended up getting elsewhere) and saw the bright colors from across the store. It comes in a large bag (find it HERE) and after playing around with different amounts, we picked out most of the white pieces (I wanted as much color as possible) and used about 33/4 of the bag. It sits in a giant glass bosphorus bowl (find it HERE, we have the large one) that we got as a wedding gift and have used for so many different things it may be the most-used gift we got! The candle we ended up using in the middle bowl is the largest one (find it HERE). We set the candle in the bosphorus bowl and then I had my husband hold it in the middle while I scattered the sea glass around it. My husband had the great idea of then putting the driftwood (which I also found and purchased at Pottery Barn but I can’t find it online) on top of the sea glass around the candle so it would almost look like a campfire. We scattered the pieces around the candle, stacked like you would for a fire and I love the look. 


On each side of the big bosphorus bowl in the middle of the table, there are two glass starfish plates with LED votives. I found the starfish plates at Marshall’s and loved them but they were too small to eat off of so my husband suggested small candles which worked out great. We got a set of four LED votives with remotes (find them HERE, though ours are white not ivory) and each one went on a plate. I loved how the colors of the plates matched the sea glass and obviously their starfish shapes matched our beach theme. We bought a separate remote for the large candle in the bosphorus bowl because it didn’t come with one, but the remote that came with the votives worked for all five candles so we were able to return it. It’s so great because we can leave the candles outside and with the touch of one button they all turn on or off and it’s a chic look without being a pain. I normally don’t like LED candles (I love the idea of lighting a real candle, see my post HERE) but for outdoors it’s the way to go… you can light five candles at one time, you don’t have to worry about the wind and it gives off a great glow that looks wonderful at night.

We styled this table when we finished it about a month ago and since then I have seen the things we used pop us all over the place. If you’re looking for less expensive items here are some alternatives:

– Marshalls has the bosphorus style glass bowls for $7 -$10 depending on the size and while they’re much thinner glass than the PB ones, it’s a great alternative. 

– You can find the sea glass and the driftwood in various sizes at Pier One and Joann Fabrics.

– I get the larger sized LED candles at the dollar store often for random things… they’re not outdoor candles and they don’t have a remote but they’re only a dollar so it’s worth the extra effort.