My Instalife: Week of 5/10 – 5/16

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Instalife 5:171. We have a queen bed in my office, as it serves as our guest room as well (you can see the room HERE, though it’s changed quite a bit since then). While I’m working all day, Weezy tucks herself in the bed and watches me the whole time. If I get up to grab something, she’s hot on my heels then right back to the bed when I sit back down… it’s too cute.

2. After seeing Gatsby last week, I couldn’t wait to start adding some 1920’s flair to my office decor. I went to our library and spent the whole afternoon checking out all the Cecil Beaton books I could get my hands on and some Art Deco books as well. The library itself is downtown (where there’s a lot of art deco buildings) so I love just wandering around. I also check out the Mark Twain room which is really cool too. 

3. We made a nice dinner Friday night and of course I had to drink my champagne out of our vintage French coups!

4. Twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, the fairgrounds right near our house holds “The World’s Largest Yard Sale” and there are hundred of different sellers with all kinds of different items. It seemed like a much larger turnout this weekend than we’d seen in the past and after seeing this sign when we entered we figured it much be drawing a larger audience!

Instalife 5:17 2

1. I was hoping to score some really cool pieces at the yard sale to display in my office along with the portraits from the Cecil Beaton books I’m going to get printed. I still can’t believe the amazing things we got (and how ridiculously little we paid for them). We got a 1960’s glass champagne bucket in a silver frame, which I polished up (see how to HERE) and it looks great! My husband finally found a shop that sells Nat Sherman cigars (find them HERE, the Rockafellar is his favorite) so he was looking for a vintage lighter and found this one. I was so excited about this silver tea set… I drink tea almost every night and have been looking for a modern teapot but actually love this one. The next picture in the set was by far the best find of the day… it’s a hand purse made in France from the 1920s and it is SPECTACULAR! Last but not least we found these art deco earrings and pin that came from a woman’s grandmother’s jewelry collection from the 30s.

2. Kristen Wiig was one of my favorites on SNL so I was so excited that she was back to host last weekend!! I can’t believe Bill Hader is leaving (no more Keith Morrison spoofs!!) and it appears Seth Meyers is set to take Jimmy Fallon’s spot when he moves to the Late Show which means SNL instantly just got way less funny 😦

3. Words can’t even express how happy I am to have our farmer’s market back open for the year! Earlier this week we went and got all of our potted herbs. Since we don’t have a good spot to grow them outdoors, I keep them in pots on the window sill in our kitchen which not only gets the best sun, it’s handy for when we need to use them!

4. My mom got her and I tickets to see Jersey Boys a couple months ago and we hadn’t really made a plan other than that. Her ladies golf league got cancelled in the morning on Tuesday so she was able to come up for the whole day. We went shopping for my niece (and us too, lol) at the Niagara Falls outlets (find them HERE) then went to dinner at a new restaurant called Cabaret (find it HERE) that was so good! The show was really great, I had gone with my grandmother a few years ago to see Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons in concert but knew nothing about the back story so I really enjoyed it. It’s rare that my mom and I get a whole day just the two of us so I really enjoyed it!

Instalife 5:17 3

1. Our old microwave randomly started sparking when we used it so we had a new one put in earlier in the week. It’s so funny when you get older the things that excite you, like a new microwave lol.

2. I kid you not, this was how Sebastian napped for hours on Wednesday. He was so afraid that he’d fall asleep and Weezy would steal his bone that he held it in his paw the entire time!

3. I have been so busy lately and doing my best to keep up with the posting schedule but on Wednesday I had just enough time to either get a run in or post a DIY and I choose the run. I felt like such a rebel (lol) because I never do that but I’ve been trying really hard to stick to my workouts and plus it was too nice a day not too. I seriously never tire of the view from our beach, it’s truly breathtaking!

4. I’ve been slowly and steadily adding items to my Summer Inspirations board on Pinterest (find it HERE) and in the next few weeks I’ll be loading it up. Summer’s always the time when we cook the most and craft the most so it’s great to have a board to pull inspiration from!