Painted Bubble Gift Wrap


My whole family is coming up this weekend for my cousins fourth birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. They were gracious to all make the trip here so my husband and I could join in on the fun which was really nice.  His brother is two and my niece is turning 5 in a few weeks so it’s fun to watch them play with each other. My husband and I usually get the a big gift for whichever kid is having their birthday and then get a few small things for the other two so that they have a package to open as well. I’m always trying to find cute and unique ways to wrap gifts and I saw this in Martha Stewart Living a couple months ago and added it to my list to try. It’s incredibly easy and if you have kids then you probably have all the supplies necessary (bubbles, paint, paper and straws) so you could knock this project out in an afternoon! I think it’s a really playful way to wrap kids gifts and I added my recycled bag bows (find the DIY HERE) to complete the whole thing.   You can use this technique for other things too… I think it would look cool on a card or even on fabric for some pillows! 

Start off by cutting a large piece of paper big enough to fit your gift. We have these huge rolls of kid’s coloring paper from Ikea (find it HERE) and I use that paper for EVERYTHING! Take a baking dish (recognize this one from my glass etching DIY, found HERE?) and put it on a baking sheet in case of spills. Fill the dish about 1/2″ deep with bubbles and add a couple tbsp of paint to the bubbles, mix around with a spoon. We used Martha Stewart Satin Paint in “Habanero” and “Carrot” as well as a watercolor in “Emerald Green”. Tilt the dish to make a pool of the colored bubbles and use a straw to blow up the bubbles. Dip the paper on top of the blown bubble and press down lightly. Continue doing this until the whole paper is covered, then allow to dry completely before wrapping. 

Bubble Painted Gift Wrap

Try layering different colors too for really funky patterns!