My Instalife: Week of 5/3 – 5/9

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Instalife 5:10

1. Last Friday while I was cleaning I figured out a crazy easy way to polish the vintage silver trays we have all over the house (get the how-to HERE)… this is the one on our bedroom beside table

2. It finally was warm enough (and sunny enough) last weekend to resume beach weekends… we loaded up the cooler with fresh fruits which is perfect for snacks! See our beach bag essentials HERE.

3. This was seriously how we spend every single hour of daylight both days last weekend….  on the beach, armed with stacks of magazines (me months worth of fashion mags, my husband with GQ, Esquire and Golf digest), coronas and the unbelievably gorgeous views. We swam, walked around the shoreline, read, listened to music (we got THIS tiny speaker that’s amazing!) and soaked up the sun. It totally recharged the both of us!

4. Have any of you tried Panera’s new iced Green Tea infusion? I am LOVING it! I also get THESE and drink over ice… love them too!

Instalife 5:10 2

1. I felt like a bad “mom” after leaving the dogs home all day last weekend while we were beaching it so when we went grocery shopping Sunday night I brought them home some treats. They love them and I was Seb’s best friend after that. 

2. I mentioned in a previous Instalife post (find it HERE) that I was bringing back macrame bracelets and I wasn’t kidding. I finished a bunch and I stack them with spikes and different things, I love it!

3. I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a Designer DIY… truth is I had been so busy that I had stacks of fashion magazines from all the back to January that I hadn’t had a chance to go through! I got through a big chunk of them at the beach last weekend and found SO MUCH inspiration… I started working on a Jimmy Choo DIY that I will post on soon (see the finished product HERE)!

4. You guys loved my Pop Up Mother’s Day card from last year (get the DIY HERE), so I wanted to make sure I shared the cards I made this year too. I think this is the cutest card ever (get the DIY HERE)!

Instalife 5:10 31. I think I’ve mentioned a million times how obsessed I am with neons lately, I was so excited to see it popping up all over at Joann fabrics earlier this week. Speaking of Neons, I was approached to send in some picks of me wearing the “neon trend” for a UK site called Tag A Trend, check them out and see my photos HERE.

2. I took a break from working the other night to hang with Weezy for a little bit, with a face like that how could you ignore here? Lol

3. Okay, are you guys sick of hearing how in love I am with The Great Gatsby and how much I couldn’t wait to see the movie?! I finally got to see it at the premiere last night so I’ll stop talking about it. I listened to the soundtrack earlier in the week before the movie and have to admit I didn’t love it but it is SO perfect in the movie!!

4. Last night we went to the premiere of the Great Gatsby and before I get in to my thoughts of the movie I need to just talk about these GoPicnic boxes because they’re life changing! They have them at the theaters now but I pick them up at our grocery store and keep one with me in case I’m out longer than planned and still want to eat healthy. This box is my fave but they have lots of different ones… I love that they’re packed with protein, all under 400 calories and don’t need to be refrigerated! 

Okay, about the movie. I might be bias because I have loved this book for as long as I can remember. I love the whole 1920’s era and anything Art Deco, I loved the movie with Mia Farrow & Robert Redford and I was pretty sure there was nothing this new movie could do that would make me not like it. It was absolutely breathtaking… seriously, I found myself gaping at the screen several times over the parties, the food, the jewelry and 3D look in general. I literally squealed over the dresses and I giggled over how perfectly the music fit the scenes. The movie was extraordinary… it was stunning, funny, heartbreaking, over-the-top in the best kind of way and can I just say that Leonardo DiCaprio is seriously genius as Gatsby. I dreamt about the movie last night and woke up this morning thinking I cannot wait to see this movie MANY more times.