Mother’s Day Flower Pot Cards


I see that a lot of you are making my Pop-Up Mother’s Day card from last year (find it HERE) so I wanted to make sure that I shared my card from this year with you too! I apologize to my mom and my mother-in-law for ruining the surprise as these cards are currently in the mail on their way to you but, hey, it’s the thought that counts right? I saw a version of this card HERE and changed the measurements and flowers, plus I don’t have whatever machine they used to cut all the flowers and shapes so I did the whole thing by hand. I love the idea that you can send a bouquet of flowers without actually sending a bouquet of flowers! The “flower pot” is actually a little pocket and the “bouquet” is the actual card that pulls out, and the message is hidden in the bottom part that sits in the pot. These will be amazing for mother’s day, but also a cool idea for any time you want to “send someone flowers”! 

The first step is to make the “flower pot” pocket. I used a shimmery card stock in a copper color and I cut it to 5″ x 8″. I have a paper cutter and a bone folder (both Martha Stewart found HERE and HERE) so I scored my paper, but if you don’t have that you can just go ahead and fold it. I scored 1.5″ in from one end with the dull side of the paper up (1) and 3.25″ in from the other end (2). The 1.5″ piece will be the lip of the flower pot so I used a scalloped Martha Stewart punch (find a similar one HERE) (3) but you could also use scalloped scissors or leave it straight. Now fold your pot in half, dull sides facing so the shimmer is facing out and line it up on your cutter so that the top corner is in line with the cut line and the bottom corner is on the 1″ line (4). Cut on this diagonal to make the shape of the pot, repeat on the other side. Now fold the lip of the pot down, the lip will be dull side facing out… picture (5) is how it will look from the side. Now tie a ribbon around the top of the pot to make your pocket (6)… I used a 24″ pieces of 5/8″ purple satin ribbon. There is no adhesive used to make this pocket, the ribbon holds everything in place!

Flower Pot Pocket

Now it’s time to make the pull-out card that will have the flower bouquet on top and the message on the bottom. Cut a piece of card stock 5.5″ x 3″, put it inside the pot and just mark a line with a pencil where that card meets the top of the pot (1). This will ensure that your flowers stay above this line. Pull the card out and hot glue on three green stems (mine were .25″ x about 2.5″) right up the the top of the card(2). I added some leaves at this point but it’s much easier to add those in later as I had to move them anyways. To make the tulips, cut three small ovals (I traced the handle of one of my punches, but you can easily free hand this) and glue two overlapping together and the third on in the middle of those two (3). Attach to the card at the tops of the stems using foam adhesive squares (4). Add four more stems underneath those and four more tulips, these ones slightly smaller (5). Attach some leaves and one more tulip in the middle (6).

Tulip Bouquet

Measure to make sure it will fit under your bouquet but the card stock for my message was 2.75″ x 2.75″. Write the message on that piece before attaching it to the card… they’re be nothing worse that doing ALL that work then messing up the writing on the message lol. Glue the message card on the bottom half and slide the card into the pot! Mine fit perfectly in an A7 envelope (5.25″ x 7.25″).