My Instalife: Week of 4/26 – 5/2

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Instalife 5:3

1. We really never go out to dinner unless we’re away for the weekend or my parents come up so last Friday we thought it might be fun to switch things up a bit. We just went to the Cheesecake Factory and, as always, it was delicious!

2. On Saturday we hoped our Farmer’s Market might open a couple of days early so we headed over there only to be disappointed. On the upside, there is a restaurant supply store in the food terminal that’s full of amazing finds!

3. I had been enjoying our new outdoor table (see it HERE) all last week but last Saturday was the first time my husband got to use it too. We made a big dinner and ate outside Saturday night before joining up with our neighbors for some cocktails. I found this glass pitcher on one of my thrift store hunts and you can see I had my first blood orange pellegrino of the year too!

4. When we were at the store on Friday they had the big s’mores set-up in the front of the store so of course we couldn’t resist. We got rid of our fire pit (we’re going to get a new one as the old one just didn’t hold up after last season) so I made these inside using a brulee torch!

Instalife 5:3 2

1. I’ve rotated between two Louis Vuitton “speedy” bags forever but lately I hate the lugging it around and have been on the hunt for a great cross-body bag to use for the summer instead. I found the Rachel Roy one and fell in love… I love that it sort of looks like a briefcase/doctors bag but has the long strap too, I love the crocodile skin in the different colors and I love the vinyl on top flap… plus it has really cool screws on the handle!

2. Weezy being a cuddle-bug while we caught up on our DVR earlier in the week.

3. This is what most of my days look like now… if the weather permits (and it’s been PERFECT all week) I work outside on my MacBook.

4. My husband accepted a big promotion at work this week and I got him a few gifts to celebrate!

Instalife 5:3 3

1. I have always had better than perfect vision but as of late my eyes feel so tired at the end of the day that I knew I was straining them to see while staring at a computer screen all day. I REALLY didn’t want to get readers but I was about to find some cute Diane Von Furstenberg ones so I broke down and got them. Needless to say, I was right and these have helped a lot!

2. It has been way too nice to not be outside whenever possible so on Wednesday I suggested to my husband that we skip the gym and go for a longer run outside instead. The beach is our halfway point and I have to admit I was really jealous of all the people down there just relaxing!

3. I have been collected fabrics from Mood NYC (find them HERE) so that I’d have a good stash for making dresses this spring/summer. I finished one dress yesterday and am looking forward to breezing through the rest in the upcoming weeks.

4. Are you sick of me saying how nice it has been here this week? Lol we ate dinner out on the back patio again last night… this was basil salmon over farro and orzo with a glass of ice cold Sancerre.