Site & Shop Announcements

As my business continues to grow, I am always having a constant battle as to when and how to make changes in order to not only keep up but deliver the absolute best version of it. I have been going back-and-forth the last few months on the idea of giving this site a “facelift” to really simplify things and give it a fresh and easy-to-navigate look. The problem with that  always is that I will have to take the site offline for a period of time to make all the changes and it never seems like “the right time”. You may have also noticed that I haven’t added any new inventory to the Etsy shop in quite some time and there are a couple of reasons for that. The first is that I took on a lot (too many, lol) of side projects at the beginning of the year and they have taken up a lot of my “extra” time. The second is that I have been wanting to revamp the shop pretty much since I opened it. When I opened it, it really was just due to the demand for my headpieces and then I would add a few things here or there but it definitely needs a broader scope of inventory. We are going to be heading out of town for the long memorial day weekend, then taking a long trip to Miami for my brother-in-laws wedding and then I am making cupcakes for another wedding the following weekend so with all that coming up anyways, I knew now was the right time to make the big changes. After having lunch with my mom last week and bouncing ideas back and forth then sitting down to talk it all through with my husband, here is what I have decided to do as far as both the site and the shop are concerned:

On May 24th, I will be putting the Etsy shop in “vacation mode” which means no orders will be shipped out after the 23rd and no merchandise will be visible to the public until the shop is re-opened on July 1st. I know that seems like a long time to be shut down but I am doing so for a few reasons. When the shop re-opens none of the old merchandise (except for the headpieces) will be in the shop, it’s going to have all new items. I am going to be adding a broader range of items… everything from stuff for babies, moms, kids, teenagers, home decor, etc. Because I won’t be really returning home until June 16th, I’m using the two weeks before the re-opening of the shop to revamp the look and add all the new stuff as well as adding a new set of shop policies. Due to the fact that the inventory that’s currently in the Etsy shop (find it HERE) will no longer be offered once the shop is re-opened, everything in the shop is currently on sale for 25% off. Enter that coupon code in at checkout to receive the discount and keep in mind your last chance to order is through May 23rd.

After much consideration, I have decided to keep the blog up while we are away for the 3 weeks… I’ll be posting as usual until June 14th, leaving the site up (without any new posts) until June 19th and then taking it offline for a few days. When it’s back online, I will do a post alerting you all to the fact and you’ll notice the change of not only the look but a new posting schedule as well. I’ve been posting every Monday & Wednesday, with an Instalife post on Fridays and an additional post some Saturdays. To give you more content, I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday & Friday after the relaunch and then moving Instalife to Saturdays. I want to thank you all for your patience in advance for the disruption, it’s a necessary evil and I think it’s going to make things much better in the long run!