My Instalife: Week of 4/19 – 4/26

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Instalife 4:26

1. I have a thing for shoes… and not just heels, I’m talking sneakers, heels, flats, etc. I have gotten so much better in the past few years, mostly because my dad helped me to build wall length shoe racks and when we did that I realized truly how many shoes I had. I have been getting a few new pairs lately to get ready for this spring/summer, the ones are on the faux sheepskin in our room (see it HERE). 

2. Last weekend we made skinny blood orange margaritas (get the recipe HERE). We have been hitting the gym hard this year, recently started running and have been eating much healthier but it seems cocktails are our kryptonite so we’ve been trying to lighten them up lately.

3. This past week was an insane one for me, all that was keeping me going was iced lattes… this is my go-to all year long (skinny cinnamon dolce lattes), I have them hot in the fall & winter (with extra foam) and iced in the spring & summer (with an extra shot of espresso).

4. We make our eggplant “pasta” (find the recipe HERE) and it’s so easy that we switch it up each time we make it based on what’s in the house. This time we used canned diced tomatoes with the juice instead of chopped fresh ones, fat free half & half instead of cream, fresh thyme instead of basil and fat free parmesan to lighten it up even more! 

Instalife 4:26 21. I mentioned in a previous Instalife post (find it HERE) that I was making new throw pillows for our patio furniture using ikat prints. I dragged my husband along to the fabric store last weekend to pick out the last couple prints and he found this one which I am absolutely in love with! 

2. Our farmer’s market FINALLY opens back up this week and when we get back home we always mound all the fruit & veggies that don’t get refrigerated in a big bowl on our kitchen table. We usually use this plain white one from Pottery Barn (find it HERE, it’s the largest one in the coupe set of serving bowls) butI saw this one and couldn’t resist getting it!

3. Weezy and Sebastian were wore out from the weekend, lol. This was them Monday morning.

4. My husband brought me these on his lunch break the day I hit 1,000 followers… he’s so sweet and they looked so nice on our new outdoor table (see it HERE)!