My Instalife: Week of 4/12 – 4/18

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Instalife 4:19

1. One of my absolute favorite things about spring is heirloom tomatoes. If you’ve never tried them before (I understand they look scary), you really should! They’re pricey but SO much tastier than the hybrid tomatoes that are available all year round. Use them for THIS confit with shrimp or to make THIS corn tart!

2. I added my Sex & the City box set to the stack of coffee table books in our living room and was loving the pop of color that was happening. When I was out getting produce I found this mix of spring flowers that I knew would work perfectly in that space, it plays off the pink from the box set and the green from my matchstick bottles (find more info on that HERE).

3. My parent’s came and stayed with us last weekend and the first night they were here we had dinner at the Pearl Street Brewery (find it HERE) downtown. They do these huge table taps of beer, which look like a ton but it equalled about two beers for each of us. This was my dad and my husband at the table.

4. Last Saturday morning my dad and I got up early to design our new outdoor table (see the post on it HERE). He went to school for engineering and works as a project manager at a welding company now so he had all the software which made things SO much easier. This was when we had just gotten started.

Instalife 4:19 2

1. We all chipped in (my dad, my brother, my husband and I) to get my mom gift certificates for the Theater downtown (find it HERE) and she was able to get tickets to a few shows. On Saturday afternoon she took me to see Rock of Ages and we had such a fun time!

2. After the show we picked up my dad and husband and we all went to dinner at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens (find it HERE). We usually only go in December with a huge group because it is decked out to the nines for the holidays but it was just as delicious! I wore my rhinestone encrusted heels that I made (find the DIY HERE). I seriously still wear them all the time (and I always get complimented on them) because you really can dress them up or down. In this case I wore them with skinny jeans, a neon yellow t-shirt and a seersucker blazer. 

3. Sunday we worked ALL day on the new outdoor table (see the finished table HERE) and this was as we started dry-laying the herringbone pattern.

4. Sunday night I was way too tired to make dinner so I made mini versions of the Six Layer Hummus Dip (find the recipe HERE) for dinner using the heirloom tomatoes in place of the cherry tomatoes.

Instalife 4:19 31. This was the start of me re-painting our old straw doormat, find all the details and the how-to HERE.

2. It rained most of the week here, which was fine by me as I was SLAMMED with work. I took this picture after the rain had stopped one night as I was doing a coat of polyurethane on the outdoor table, it’s kind of ominous looking but I loved how cool it looked… this was without a filter.

3. Sebastian is seriously the most jealous dog I have ever met lol. See that look he’s giving Weezy while I’m petting her? Cracks me up.

4. I got this email a few days ago from Tiffany’s about the new Great Gatsby collection. I am so obsessed with the 1920’s and the Great Gatsby it’s not even funny. I was so bummed when they pushed the movie release from December to this May but I have already been drooling over the costumes I’ve seen so far in the previews. Aside from the ridiculously priced items (THIS headpiece and THIS bracelet), THIS necklace is my favorite item in the collection (see the whole thing HERE)