My Instalife: Week of 4/5 – 4/11

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1. Last Friday was really busy day for me so it was nice to make something easy for dinner, we pan fried some chicken cutlets with thyme and added it to some carrot risotto (get that recipe HERE)… it was delicious!

2. Thankfully, it has really been warming up around here and we brought up the patio furniture this weekend. My dad’s going to help us build a table this coming weekend (see the finished table HERE) and so last Saturday I made some new throw pillows to spruce up the cushions outside too!

3. While I was outside working on a DIY, I noticed that the plants are starting to spring back to life!

4. On Saturday night my husband and I cooked a huge dinner… We made brown sugar baked chicken wings with a roasted red pepper dipping sauce (get the recipe HERE), balsamic asparagus with goat cheese and walnuts (see the post on that HERE) and brown sugar baked beans. 

Instalife 4:12 2

1. After dinner on Saturday we spent the evening out on our back patio which overlooks the golf course and had our first fire of the year!

2. Sunday morning I made whole wheat lemon thyme scones for breakfast, get the recipe HERE.

3. It was CRAZY windy here on Sunday but still beautiful out so we took our walk to the beach anyways. It was actually quite incredible once we got down there… we stood on the outmost point and the view was breathtaking!

4. I gave new life to one of my DIYs from last year, see the post HERE for more!

instalife 4:12 3

1. When I was younger I spent a lot of time in my summers at Camp Onyahsa (find it HERE) and my favorite part of going for those weeks was making macrame bracelets, seriously. My counselor was the best at them and I made them in every design, color, size, etc that I possibly could. Since DMC now makes fluorescent colored embroidery floss I figured I’d bring them back this spring/summer… this is the first one I started working on.

2. Before we picked Weezy up when she was a puppy, the first toy we every bought for her was this pink puppy which we named Sampson and Weezy LOVED it. She slept with it, carried it around and was always comforted by it. When we got Sebastian (aka toy destroyer) we had to keep Sampson up to save it so now we break it out for special occasions like the vet or when she’s sick. Sometimes I let her in our room with him, like I did yesterday… she lays by the heater under the bed and holds him haha.

3. Sebastian is TERRIFIED of our vacuum… this was him 20 minutes after I was done vacuuming still cowering under my vanity lol.

4. As I mentioned in my spring cleaning post (find it HERE), at the end of each set of seasons we go through our closets and set aside all the clothes that aren’t in style, don’t fit, etc. to donate. We did my husband’s closet a couple weekends ago and I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday doing my two closets. It feels so cathartic to get rid of the old to make room for new and it doesn’t hurt either that 80% of this haul was clothes that are too big since my husband and I have been working hard at the gym this year!