Neon Statement Necklace Revamp


Last spring I did a post on THIS necklace, where I spray painted a bib style statement necklace with neon yellow spray paint. Every where I went people complimented me on it and asked where I got it. It was such an easy project and since then I have worn it SO much that I was starting to feel like I might have to retire it. As I mentioned in my Instalife post a couple weeks ago, I am currently obsessing over coral so I thought why not just give this necklace a new coat of paint?! I ended up spray painting it neon pink to cover the yellow and then I actually finished it off with a coat of coral nail polish. The one complaint I had about the way the necklace previously was that it chipped a lot from wear and so I had to re-paint it every couple of months. With the nail polish I not only like that it looks shiny instead of matte but that it seals the paint up so I shouldn’t have to do touch ups! The best part is that with just a change of color this is a totally new necklace and when I want to change things up again I can repaint it any color I want! 

The first thing I did was remove the chain from the bib and wiped the necklace down with a damp cloth to make sure there was no dust on it. I took it outside on some newspaper and gave it an all-over light coat of Krylon’s Special Purpose Neon Pink spray paint (find it HERE, just to sort of prime the necklace and cover up the yellow. I let that dry for a couple of hours and noticed some of the sides of the pieces still had yellow peeking through so I unhooked all the pieces to the bib (they connected with jump rings in the back) and gave them a couple more coats. Once those pieces were completely dry, I replaced the old jump rings in the back with new ones (the old ones were crumbling with yellow paint). I could have left the necklace at that… I really liked the neon pink but since I was going for coral and I wanted to try out the nail polish, I gave the whole thing a coat of OPI’s ” Cajun Shrimp” (find it HERE). I then re-attached the chain and was the proud owner of a brand new necklace which cost me nothing!

Neon Necklace Revamp