My InstaLife: Week of 3/29 – 4/4

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instalife 4:5

1. In last week’s roundup (find it HERE) I showed you the sketch of a dress I was going to start, this is the finished bodice (minus the armholes) in muslin.

2. Spring really sprung here in New York last weekend. On Saturday it was incredible out, I worked on my dress in the morning while my husband hit some golf balls in the backyard. In the afternoon we took a walk to beach that’s near our house, this pic is from the shores once we got there!

3. There was so much drift wood on the beach and the way the sun was hitting it perfectly was insanely beautiful!

4. When it’s really clear out, like it was last Saturday you can see downtown from the shoreline!

Instalife 4:5 2

1. I finished the dress and HATED the gathering of the skirt at the waistline, it was just WAY too much fabric (see the first pic). I ended up using a hip curve to smooth it out taking a lot of inches off the skirt at the waist, which is the second picture. I ended up drafting my own pattern for a third skirt where I nixed the pockets all together and made it shorter… I’ll keep you posted once I decide on a fabric to make the real thing!

2. Weezy got her bandage off over the weekend and went back to the vet on Tuesday to get her final check-up. She got a clean bill of health and her paws all healed up so she’s a happy camper, this was on the drive home.

3. The dogs are LOVING the sunshine, it was still chilly too chilly here on Wednesday to go outside but they camped out in front of the sliding glass doors all afternoon!

4. I am really getting into a spring mood so I wanted to start adding some springtime flare to the Etsy shop by using some fun floral fabrics in my sewing. I used these to make one of my roll-up bags, you can find it HERE.
Instalife 4:5 31. I am embarrassingly obsessed with Sex & the City. Once the final season aired and they released the complete series box set (find it HERE) I watched it on a loop for years. I knew I needed to give it a break when my husband could recite lines from every single episode lol. I haven’t watched it in a couple of years and I busted it back out to watch while I was sewing the other night. 

2. My husband took me out for my favorite frozen yogurt (TCBY) on an impromptu date night Wednesday. It’s kind of my mom & mine’s thing but he’s not so bad company either! They just got a Ruby Red Grapefruit sorbet flavor that’s to die for!

3. I went thrift store shopping yesterday to get some supplies for THIS post and I came across these glasses. They look like stamped metal around the top but they’re actually etched with a silver band around the top… I couldn’t pass them up at just $2 for four of them!

4. I have been doing almost all of my fabric shopping at Mood in NYC lately (find them HERE). Once we went on our trip last October I fell in love with not only the HUGE selection of fabrics but the prices as well… you get amazing quality for a great price. I work a lot with Kyndrell from there and she’s incredible, yesterday I got these swatches in the mail to help me decide on some chartreuse fabrics… I think I’m going to go with the middle one! I can’t wait to start working on some things for spring/summer because I have been getting the most amazing fabrics!