Last Minute Easter Inspiration

easter inspiration

A few weeks before a season starts, I hop online and start gathering inspiration for projects and recipes that I want to try in the upcoming months. Sometimes I get to all of them and have trouble coming up with more, but more often than not I end up not getting to a lot of things on my list. I have been super inspired lately and got a little ambitious with how many new things I wanted to try. I had quite a few “easter related” things that I just didn’t end up having time for but I thought I’d share them with you anyways in case you were lacking inspiration and needed some ideas before tomorrow! I’ll also throw in some really fun decor ideas in case you’re having people over to your home! I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday with their family and friends!

Let’s start with the actual meal for Easter. If you’re cooking at home then you’ll probably be doing either a big brunch or an early dinner. Here’s some great brunch ideas:

Easter Brunch Insp.

{1} Is a trio of spring quiches by the amazing Daniel Boulud. You could also try making a frittata, like this feta and asparagus one. {2} Is a cheese, leek & herb soufflé from Martha Stewart. {3} The picture comes from Martha Stewart and she uses pasta, but use my oven baked hash browns instead to make little bird’s nests with eggs! {4} Are baked eggs in avacado with bacon from White on Rice Couple. You can see how I re-created these here.

And here’s some great dinner ideas:

easter dinner insp.

{1} Is a side dish that I was REALLY hoping to try out by now, a potato kugel gratin, that comes from Martha Stewart. {2} Is a wonderful main course of new season lamb with minted peas that comes from Devon Life. {3} Is an apricot-bourbon glazed ham from Martha Stewart. {4} Is a carrot-lemon risotto also from Martha Stewart. We made this ourselves, you can see my post on it here!

Now for my favorite part of the meal, desserts:

easter dessert insp.

{1} Is a gorgeous speckled egg cake that comes from The Cake Blog. {2} Are amazing bird’s nest cupcakes made with spun sugar from Hot Polka Dot. {3} Are incredibly decorated sugar cookies and the photo comes from Rose Tea Cottage. Use the same technique and recipes that I used for these cookies. {4} Is vanilla custard baked right into egg shells which I think just looks so whimsical and festive! It comes from Martha Stewart.

You could also try my marbleized white chocolate bark:

Easter Chocolate Bark Pieces

Here’s some ideas for decorating:

Easter Decorating

{1} I love how these tulips are wrapped into bunches with their own leaves and how they look in a skinny rectangular vase, photo comes from The Party Dress. {2} I’m loving basically anything in pastels and these flowers are super elegant, photo comes from ElemenoP. {3} I love the idea of making the marbleized eggs, see my post HERE, then painted the insides of a few metallic to decorate the table. Easter basket picture comes from Martha Stewart. I re-created a similar look here.{4} Is an adorable tablescape all from Pottery Barn.