My InstaLife: Week of 3/22 – 3/28

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instalife 3:28

1. I started trying a different technique with alcohol inks on the coasters that I make and I am obsessed with how they look! You can find them available for purchase in my shop HERE.

2. I got the dog’s bones while I was out grocery shopping and Weezy got too tired to keep eating hers but she sat like this all night so that Sebastian couldn’t get it either lol.

3. It was mostly cold here last weekend so I made my husband grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch while he played his playstation.

4. I sat down on Monday to make our Easter eggs, this is the set up for blowing out the inside of the eggs. You can see HERE how I do it!

instalife 3:28 21. A sneak peek at this year’s eggs… see the finished product HERE.

2. Sebastians a big ball of love in the mornings, that’s my favorite time of the day… I get up early so that I can spend an hour on the couch with him while I have my coffee before I get to work!

3. My husband and I went to the mall over the weekend just to get out of the house and I found these Aztec bangles at Forever21 (find them HERE). I have been coveting the House of Harlow ones (find them HERE, at $80 each) so I was beyond excited to find these ones for just $8 for both!!

4. I got so busy last year just when I was getting really into fashion designing/sewing that I took a long break from it. I have been feeling more inspired than ever lately, mostly because I want clothes I can’t always find in the store. This week I came across this Hérve Léger dress and broke out my style tape to start recreating it myself!

Instalife 3:28 3

1. Weezy had a heck of a week. We noticed her licking her paw a lot and noticed a small cut (apparently she got a piece of debris lodged in it on a walk) so the vet removed it, cleaned the wound out and bandaged her up. After that, her annual heart worm test and starting the round of antibiotics for her paw she was not very happy with us. This was the next day she was in a much happier mood and has been such a trooper! She gets the bandage taken off tomorrow and then back to the vet again on Tuesday to check the progress.

2. As I mentioned before, I have been super inspired this week and went to check out some new fabrics. I am so proud to day I haven’t bought fabric since before Christmas which is unbelievable for me but I couldn’t pass up this. I am currently OBSESSED with ikat print and coral. 

3. I started working on this super flirty cocktail dress last night. I actually got a lot done in a small amount of time (the work flew by as I was chatting via Facetime with my best friend who now lives in Mexico!) and I not only got the pattern cut but all the pieces as well. I always make my clothes in muslin first to get the fit perfect then us that as my new pattern!

4. While I was working Weezy curled up in my sweater and didn’t seem to mind getting buried in my muslin scraps as I went along!