Marbleized Easter Eggs

DSC_0309As soon as I saw a version of these in this month’s Martha Stewart Living (find it HERE), I couldn’t wait to try them out. The best part about it was that I already had all the supplies at my house so when I had some free time on Monday I made them in just a couple hours. I love how cool the marbleized design turns out and I had fun mixing and matching colors… you could make these to match any Easter decor! I always blow out my eggs before making them so that I can pack them up and use them year after year and these are a fun design to mix it with some from previous years (see some HERE)! This will be the first year that we’re home by ourselves on Easter (my parents deserted us to go on vacation longer than normal this year, the nerve right?! lol) so I have a fun idea to use these as a centerpiece for our meal I’m making. 

Start off by gather up your supplies (1) to blow out the eggs, as show in my post HERE. If you want to hard boil your eggs instead, do that. I was only doing 6 eggs at the time to try out the technique but you can do as many or little you like. The first time is to dye the eggs fully with a base color. I used plastic stock containers and added 1 cup warm water, a splash of vinegar and a few drops of liquid food coloring. Drop in your clean, blown eggs and use a spoon to keep spooning the dyed water over your egg until it reaches your desired shade (2). You don’t want to go too dark here because it will be too hard to see the marbleized pattern later. I dry my eggs on a wire rack with paper towels underneath (3), allow to dry completely before moving on to the next step. Take a pie plate or a cake dish and add a very little bit of warm water (less than 1/2 inch works best), atleast 20 drops of liquid food coloring, a splash of vinegar (which helps the dye stick) and 1 tbsp olive oil (4)… swirl with a fork. Drop one of the dyed eggs in and turn it over to cover all sides, then pick up and place right on a paper towel (5). Dry off any excess dye and allow to finish drying on the racks (6). Play around with all different colors!

marbleized easter egg