Our Master Bedroom

Our Master Bedroom

This post has been a long time coming considering we finished remodeling the bedroom in early February but after all the projects we did I needed some time away from it. I am still, almost two months later, SO in love with this room. When we moved in to this house three years ago all the rooms got kind of thrown together because my husband was in the middle of off-season activities and I wasn’t working from home at the time. Because of this, the house didn’t reflect either one of our styles because it was all of our stuff put in to rooms with no rhyme or reason. This was the first room my husband and I sat down from start to finish and designed together… I love that we both got to pick things we wanted so it truly is a shared space. I spend a lot of time on here posting about projects and home tips but I recently realized I haven’t actually shown you OUR home… which seems a little counter-productive right?? I’ll start with this room and throughout the rest of the year I’ll  work around the house giving you total access to all the rooms.  This post will be overloaded with pictures so enjoy and, as always, just click on any of them to make them larger! I’ve also added a tab (my home) to the main menu at the top of the page so you’ll be able to click on a room and get not only the post with all the details on the full room but also all the posts I’ve previously done with projects or home tips having to do with that particular room. 

First things first, we had our maintenance man come in to give the whole upstairs a fresh coat of paint which was nice for a few reasons… it rushed us into clearing out the whole room and it also allowed us to fill in all the old holes and plus it was just a completely fresh canvas to start from. Since we live in a townhouse, we are not allowed to paint the walls which was a huge disappointment for me… I wanted to go BOLD with a wall color but we worked around it with other items that made a big impact.

There is a little bit of a recessed nook when you walk in the door to the bedroom because the closet is on the right hand side… We talked about putting something on the wall here to the right but it just looked too cluttered every time we tried something so we decided to leave this entryway blank.

entryway to bedroom

Just past the door on the left hand side before you reach the dresser, there is a vintage oval gold filigree mirror. I had planned on adding this mirror all along, as my husband says he likes having a second mirror right by the door so you can get a quick glance right when you’re leaving the room. I planned on buying one from Ikea (found HERE) and painting it with an amazing gold-leafing paint (which I’ll get to later). Since the whole project would’ve cost under $25 and taken minimal effort I was pretty satisfied with that plan when I stumbled upon this unbelievable vintage mirror at my favorite thrift store so just $4.99! 

vintage mirror

The dresser is just past the mirror, and in case you missed the post with the tutorial with all the details on how we made it you can check that out HERE. The dresser was  welcome addition not just for the extra storage but because our old TV stand was too low and it was hard to see the television when we were laying in bed. With the color and the studded trim I think it also brings a really great decorative statement for that wall. 

studded trim dresser low view

** Update: After many years, the TV we had on the dresser kicked the bucket so we got a new, bigger but thinner television to replace it. Its over 10″ bigger but the stand is so much smaller so it just sits on the middle dresser. It’s so thin that it basically sits flush against the wall which I like because I don’t have to worry as much about it tipping forward! Here’s what it looks like now:

Updated Bedroom TV

Right next to the dresser we have a giant six foot by three foot mirror that sits in the far corner of the bedroom. This wasn’t something new that we bought for the room, we’ve had it since we moved in but we did gold-leaf it with THIS incredible paint. I really lucked out with this mirror… I fell in love the idea of having a ridiculously oversized one when I saw one at one of my husband’s ex-teamates house. When we moved into this house I was at our mall and just by chance saw this one in the window of a store at an incredible discount (it was originally $299 and I paid $49.99). I definitely wanted to keep it in the room but it was black and silver so I knew we needed to do something to it to make it fit. I loved that the paint gave it a gilded look and couldn’t have been easier. You can get a really affordable similar one to the finished look HERE. In front of the mirror is a little faux sheep skin, find it HERE

gilded mirror and sheepskin

On the far side of the room is a double window.. one that looks out to the tennis/basketball courts and one that looks out to the tee-box of the tenth hole of the country club behind our house.

Double Window View from Room

You might remember the gold console table that we ended up making for under this set of windows, get all the details for what’s on it & the tutorial HERE


This table is still my favorite thing in the room… in the afternoon as the sun passes over the house it hits this space perfectly and everything on it sparkles.


** Update: After a particularly cold couple of weeks in the winter, the orchid died so the table looks a little different now. I use it as more of a jewelry table. The twinkle tree and the Nate Berkus brass bowls are still in their place, but I moved over the Ikea vase and got another candle holder that I use to hold jewelry. I also have a turquoise glass plate where the vase was moved from:

Console Table Update

The curtains for this set of windows were such an ordeal which was my bad. I kept thinking I wouldn’t be able to find what I was looking for so I got it in my head that I would have to make them… which then led to me not being able to find a single upholstery fabric that I liked. I was literally driving myself crazy when we were at Marshall’s one weekend looking for accents and spotted these panels. They were $20 which wouldn’t have even paid for the grommets if I had to make them myself. The moral of this story is to look before deciding that you won’t be able to find what you want lol. We kept the same curtain rod, we just raised it all the way up the the ceiling for more height.

bedroom curtains

In the corner opposite the gilded mirror is the nailhead trim cube table that we made, again get all the details and the tutorial HERE.


cube details

*** Update – The top of the cube table looks like this now:

photo 3

I love this table but it’s in the corner between the curtains and the bed and there was a big void on the walls when you were looking at it from the doorway. I think because it’s so short that you couldn’t see it behind the bed so we decided to add some shelving next to the headboard. I didn’t want shelves that were too deep or too long so my husband found this picture ledges, find them HERE, and we installed three of them on the wall. 

We took the pin part off of some silver thumbtacks to give one ledge a nailhead trim look and I really wish we had just left it alone… they slid while the glue dried just enough off a straight line to drive me nuts! My husband takes me every year right around my birthday and lets me pick out a painting at an art show, the one on the top shelf is the one I picked this year. It sits next to a dried bouquet of lavender, find it HERE. I moved the Jay Z book (find it HERE) from the bottom of my nailhead cube to this ledge because I LOVE the gold inkblot on the cover and put it next to a bottle of Marc Jacob’s Lola (find it HERE). My husband is OBSESSED with Star Wars and I was hoping to thrift a figurine from the movies and paint it gold but we couldn’t find one so I designed a print for him instead. The bottom shelf holds a bottle of Marc Jacob’s Daisy (find it HERE) and another thrifted gold mirror that I got for 49 cents! I also included a box I kept from Laduree and a silver filigree masquerade mask from a New Year’s Eve that is the same one Serena wore on Gossip Girl!


Next to the ledges along the back wall of the room is our bed and the Tufted Velvet Headboard that we made (get the details & tutorial HERE).I don’t know if it’s because our old headboard was so huge or what but once we installed the new headboard the amount of blank wall about it was driving me crazy. After racking my brain for days I thought “duh” and went and got this amazing painting of Paris my husband got me last year for my birthday. The gold from the frame and the hues in the paint went so well with everything else in the room it was a perfect fit. It’s quite large (2 foot by 3 foot) but since the headboard is even bigger it works really well. I have dyed our previous bedskirt purple using RIT dye and left our white sheets (find them HERE) and white duvet (find it HERE, and a similar cover HERE) on the bed. I made a bunch of throw pillows using various fabrics in shades of purples and golds, though Weezy seems to think I made them just for her!

weezy in throw pillows

We still haven’t decided on what to do with the bedding. When I heard Jonathan Adler was coming out with  a line of bedding for JCPenney this spring I held out hoping he’d have a fantastic print that would be perfect – which he did, you can find it HERE …. he just didn’t do it in the color we needed lol. I am obsessed with a Diane von Furstenburg set (find it HERE) but it’s just way too feminine. I like THIS Nate Berkus and THIS Cindy Crawford comforter but I want to keep our duvet and just do a cover so I also like THIS Urban Outfitter’s cover. Needless to say I haven’t found anything I’m willing to pull the trigger on which is leaning me in the direction of painting my own fabric and making my own.

*** Update: We FINALLY decided on bedding, THIS Nate Berkus set that’s an abstract ikat print in purples and golds on a beige background. Even though I would have preferred a duvet, we’re loving this set and since I wash our bedding once a week I love that it washes really well (even thought it’s a lot harder to iron)!

New Bedding

Next to the bed on the other side is a single window that looks out onto the ninth hole of the golf course, though it’s blocked by the tree in the summertime… we couldn’t have been any luckier with the views all around the house!


I had actually bought a set of sheer purple curtain panels when we bought the gold print ones used on the double window. I thought maybe they’d need another color and I planned on using both for that set but it just didn’t look right when we put it up. I decided to used those panels for the single window, I moved the rod as high as it could go and used both panels.

single window in bedroom

I really don’t like curtain tie backs, but I also didn’t want to block the view we have from this window so I used a gold-studded leather bracelet and nailed it to the wall to pull the curtain panels to one side. I also love how these bring some color to that corner but let in enough light that you can still see through them!

single window details

We have a pretty big closet that runs along the entire last wall in the room. We actually have lots of closet space in our house… I use this one in our bedroom as well as a walk-in one in between the upstairs and downstairs and my husband uses the big one in our guest room/office. This works out nice because he gets up earlier than me three days of week for work so he can go get ready in there without waking me up!

master bedroom closet

Nailed to the wall on the empty space at the end of the closet is an upgraded version of THESE perfume/cologne cubes. We sanded them down and painted each one a different color… the gold leaf, the silver leaf and the purple paint from the dresser and the cub table. We also added thumbtacks for the nailhead trim.

nailhead wall cubes

And there you finally have it, a peek inside our new master bedroom! Like I said before I am so in love with it, especially now that it’s warming up and there’s a lot more sunshine filtering through the windows. It will be the best come late spring when we can leave the windows open to get all that fresh air and gorgeous views!