My InstaLife: Week of 3/8 – 3/14

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instalife 3.14

1. We packed up last Friday night and headed out of town to my parent’s house for the weekend.

2. We went to dinner at the Scallion Bistro with a great family friend and everyones dinner was amazing. I had the duck with an herb risotto, sautéed spinach and a bing cherry-port reduction. When we got back to my parent’s house, my dad (we call him Sparky) played bartender and we watched Back to the Future – I have never seen it!!

3. The next morning my mom and I picked up my niece for a shopping trip to Erie, PA. She made her own list of things she needed (LOL) and we took her to see the Easter Bunny… days with her are always the best!

4. My husband got me this necklace when we were in NYC this past fall and I know it’s so obnoxious but I LOVE it! Turns out my husband was ahead of the trend as Pantone recently named Emerald the color of the year… I paired this with an amethyst colored silk shirt and an incredible new liquid eyeliner from Sephora+Pantone that mimicked the color of the necklace!

Instalife 3.14 2

1. My parents are gracious enough to invite us whenever their country club has a Member’s Appreciation night and this time was no exception. We had a great time, as always, and this snap shot is of my grandmother and I on the dance floor!

2. When I was still in high school my mom and I would take walks every night along the lake where they live and there was one spot that was my favorite. It’s right across the street from a house that I always swore I would live in when I got older (coincidence that it’s currently for sale?! lol). On our drive out of town I had my husband drive us passed it to get a picture!

3. When we got back to our house Sunday night it was 55 degrees… we jumped right out of the car with the dogs and we all took a long walk! Her leash is from HERE.

4. As you’ve read from my posts earlier in the week I have been super sick with a cold so I spend every night curled on the couch drinking tea trying to beat it! 

instalife 3.14 3

1. I swear Sebastian thinks he leads the world’s toughest life haha.

2. The Spiderman iPad case that I made, get the tutorial HERE.

3. My husband is the best… he brought me chicken soup on his lunch break from work!

4. I made one of these cards for my husband’s aunt whose birthday was yesterday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLETHA!) and thought they were so adorable. I ended up making some extras for the Etsy Shop, you can find them HERE. It’s also his grandfather’s birthday today so a very Happy Birthday to him…stayed tuned to see the card I made for him!