Spiderman iPad Case

Spiderman iPad Case

We spent the weekend out of town at my parents which was very fun but extremely busy! It’s always so nice to get away for the weekend but coming back and trying to unpack, grocery shop for the week, clean up the house, do laundry and catch up on lots of work is always overwhelming. Throw in losing an hour’s sleep to daylight savings time and me catching my husband’s cold from last week… let’s just say this Monday is even less fun than normal lol! I made this iPad case as a Christmas gift and in the madness that was December I forgot to do a post on it so I thought I’d share it with you today. My husband’s cousin’s son LOVES spiderman so I knew I wanted to make him something to do with that but he already has so many I wanted to make sure it was something different. He has an iPad and we were already getting him an iTunes gift card so I thought it would be perfect to make him a Spiderman case and put the card in the zipper pocket. I used the same tutorial that I shared with you last summer (find it HERE) with just a couple of changes that makes things easier. I love how it turned out… it’s amazing how just changing the fabric to a character or a specific pattern makes this such a one-of-a-kind and thoughtful gift!

Once again, I made this case by following the steps in my previous post, found HERE

For the exterior fabric I used a Spiderman print found HERE. When using a character print for these cases you have to make sure that the print isn’t too big because it’s being cut into smaller pieces and you want to be sure the characters whole body can fit on the front. For the zippered pocket I used an all-purpose zipper in the color “Atom Red” found HERE and lined the pocket with red broadcloth found HERE. The top strap and the interior are lined in the same fabric.

I’ve also found a much easier way to attach the lining to the exterior. Instead of sewing around three sides of the lining and then sewing around the top leaving a hole in the top to flip it through (see the full explanation in the old post), I leave the bottom of the lining open. So all you have to do is:

– Sew the two long sides of the lining pieces together, right sides facing.

– Slip the case, right side out, inside the lining which is still inside out. Match up the tops and sew all the way around the top.

– Flip the lining up and just stitch the bottom of the lining closed… this then gets stuffed inside the case and you never see it so it doesn’t matter what it looks like.

– Press and then topstitch along the whole top of the case!

Lining and Inside iPad Case

I’ve started using Snag-Free Velcro because I find it MUCH easier to sew in, I used it in black for this case and you can find it at Joann Fabrics.

Velcro & Topstitching