My InstaLife: Week of 3/1 – 3/8

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instalife 3.8

1.  Sebastian spends most of his days in the winter burrowed under the throws on our couch.

2. Chai Latte and muffins with my mom and grandmother  in front of the fireplace at the Coffee Culture in Ellicottville. 

3. A family friend won an auction at a charity event we went to back in November for a weekend’s stay at The Hideaway in Ellicotville and last weekend was when we all went. These are shots of the exterior and interior… it was beautiful!

4. The untouched snow and the icicles around the chalet were breathtaking!

Instalife 3.8 2

1. I am in a spring-time state of mind even if winter is stubbornly refusing to end. I am loving a mint green/ gold combo and this week I used it in my manicure (get the nail polish HERE and the gold top coat HERE) and my rings.

2. Was loving this fire pit in front of one of the shops in Ellicottville.

3. Was super disappointed in last week’s SNL hosted by Kevin Hart… but there was one saving grace – look who the host is this week!!!

4. It was freezing here on Sunday, the dogs spent the afternoon cuddled up with each other under the heating blanket!

instalife 3.8 3

1. It started warming up at the beginning of the week and the dogs couldn’t get enough of the sunshine. We have big sliding glass doors in our living room that leads out onto our patio and the dogs love laying in the rays all day! Weezy’s wearing a version of THIS sweater DIY I made with a super thick blue yarn!

2. I was happy that the sunny days stuck around throughout the week, this was a shot I took outside of my office window.

3. Last night my mom organized a girls night out with my grandmother and great aunt to see Dixie’s Tupperware party… have any of you seen it? We laughed so hard and had a great time!

4. Another shot from downtown of the neighboring theater!